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A Little Update

Sooooooo I’m still working on moving this blog. There’s some issues and some problems and some things that need to be resolved by other people *cough*GoDaddy/Dreamhost*cough*, and at this point I don’t really know when it’ll be done, if ever.

it’ll never be done

Please “like” this blog on facebook, so that in case everything goes sideways and I need to start all over somewhere else I can keep you all in the loop.


Slow It Down

I don’t know if I’m going to be posting much this week, because I’m going to be busy with a new, super-fun project. That was sarcasm btw, because the project I’m working on is moving this blog off of and self-hosting it. Actually Taylor very thoughtfully (at my insistence) already did all that HOWEVER I need to re-redo the layout (that I just redid, argh) and find and reinsert a bunch of pictures into my posts. See, MOST of the pictures you see on this blog are on my flickr, but in the wayback long time ago before I had a flickr account I just uploaded all the pictures right to, and I still sometimes do if it’s something like a screencap or picture from someone’s etsy or something. So yeah. I need to download all those pictures (since most of them I don’t have on my computer anymore), upload them to flickr and edit them back into the posts. There’s only like TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY of them so it’s no big deal. (More sarcasm)


Anyway this also means that if you didn’t update your links when I first switched from to, then you need to go do it! Right now!


Anyway, hopefully I’ll get this all done pretty quickly and get back to posting like normal! Of course, I need to actually START doing it first. Today I was so desperate to find something to procrastinate on I actually started ironing my sheets and pillowcases O____o

A Clean Start

I’ve mentioned here recently that I’ve been in a rut, a slump, a funk, whatever. I’ve been feeling very :/ about a lot of things, and one of them is this blog. I’m sick of my posts! I’m sick of my pictures! I’m sick of thinking up titles! But most of all, I’m (was) sick of the layout, so last night I steeled myself for a huge hassle and changed it.

New New Blog Layout

It’s not one hundred percent perfectly how I want it, but it’s pretty close! I think it’s a lot cleaner looking than the old layout, which is definitely what I was going for. I’d love to hear any thoughts or feedback you guys might have about it, and as a thank you here’s a Georgie for your troubles.


Golden Giveaway Winner


Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway to win the golden mini bunting necklace from Little Pancakes! I’ve selected the winner using‘s random number generator, and that winner is…


April from So Yeah… So! Congratulations April! I’ll be giving your email to Melissa so she can contact you for your mailing address.


Thanks again everyone who entered, you are all winners in my book ^___^

Golden Giveaway

Coffee Time

Good morning everyone, I have a super fun post for you today! I’m teaming up with my friend Melissa to do a fantastic giveaway.

Melissa has an Etsy shop, Little Pancakes, where she sells absolutely adorable and affordable jewelry pieces.


I love all her stuff so much, but of course you all know there’s nothing I love more than a little bunting ^___^


In this giveaway you have the chance to win this completely wonderful gold bunting necklace. So cute! This necklace is 20 inches long and features five golden triangles on a raw brass chain.


There are three ways to enter:
1. “Like” Little Pancakes on facebook
2. Add the Little Pancakes shop to your Etsy favorites or your circle.
3. Tweet about the giveaway! Sample tweet: “I entered to win a golden bunting necklace via Little Pancakes and Unicorn Parade”

Leave a SEPARATE comment on this post for each entry, telling me you’ve liked/added/tweeted (be sure to include a link to your tweet). The giveaway will run until midnight PST next Thursday, September 15th. Good luck everyone!

Any Minute Now

I swear these dogs are thisclose to becoming best friends.

Fuzzy Frenemies
Fuzzy Kisses

Since it’s September 1st, I figured it was about time I got started on some Halloween crafts. I’m planning on some spooky glitter banners, but I need to get more black and white glitter sheets, and try to suss out some orange- for some reason it’s basically impossible for me to find orange glitter! I thought I found some but as it turned out it was orange glitter paint, and it’s not working the way I want. You have to do a billion coats and once you put down one, the glitter in the successive coats just gloms on to where there is already glitter, leaving some parts chunky and clumpy and others patchy and bare.

ANYWAY in the meantime I’ve whipped up some micro-bunting (remember micro bunting?) in Halloween colours. These are 12″ long and priced oh-so-reasonably at just $1.80, although if I’d thought ahead a bit more I’d have made them 13″ for even more spookiness.

Three Halloween Micro Buntings

In black, orange, white or any colour you want!

Speaking of crafts, my friend Rhiannon pointed out my space shirt tutorial was featured on today!

My Space Shirt on

I swear, I never need to make another craft or write another blog post. I’ll just coast on that one shirt for the rest of my internet career.

You Like Me!


Even though I hate facebook, I made pages for this blog and my shop, if you like you can “like” them and keep yourself up to date with any important breaking news and even possible future giveaways or promotions!