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In the morning, while painting my disaster nails, Symphony and I worked on a bunch of crafts. She made some perler beads and worked on some more Harry Potter felt flatties, and I started making a letter garland for her room (She asked for her name flanked by unicorns).

Saturday Crafts

In the afternoon I had my hair appointment and Sym took the opportunity to play with my camera- she was particularly interested in this sink full of bubbles.

Bubbles (by Sym)
Bubbles (by Sym)
Self-Portrait (by Sym)

She took some self-portraits too, I had to crop this one because I had a bunch of brassieres haning to dry in the bathroom and I didn’t think the internet heeded to see that, haha.

My hair appointment was a success; my stylist didn’t give me grief for colouring and cutting my own hair (she even said I did a “pretty good” job on my bangs), and in addition to doing my highlights she also recoloured my blue, pink and purple streaks. The best part:

No Roots!

No more roots! The last time I had my highlights done was the end of January, so they were definitely due.

After my appointment I took Georgie down to the Emery Barnes dogpark, and after a series of increasingly irritated texts, voicemails and emails I managed to get Taylor to bring Kichou down as well. It took him a while to get back to me because he was playing Xbox with his headphones on for EIGHT HOURS and didn’t notice his phone ringing until it vibrated off his desk and fell on the floor.

Originally we were going to go out and see Source Code that evening, but I wasn’t really up for going out (apparently sitting for three hours getting your hair done is somehow exhausting? idek) so instead we went and had some dinner at Kadoya (Taylor got this weird bacon roll) and then watched Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure at home.


We woke up pretty early on Sunday and I decided we should take the dogs for a big walk. Unfortunately the Sun Run was going on, so we were cut off from the beach and it took me quite a while to figure out how to get around the runners. After our walk we went for brunch, and then even though it was sunny and gorgeous and a totally inappropriate day to be inside all afternoon, I’d promised Taylor we could finally go see Source Code. It was good, but I still kind of wish I’d been outside.

I did manage to convince Taylor to go to Art Knapp’s Urban Garden, the only nursery downtown with me so I could get some plants for my garden. Well, more like “garden.” It’s this space behind my house that is always all overgrown with horrible weeds (one of which I’m allergic to), hat I always SAY I’m going to make into a garden but I never do. Well, while we were away Sym’s stepmom cleared it all out for me so now I HAVE to plant something back there. Right now it’s not very lovely.

My "Garden"
Bulbs & Plants & Such

So far a just have some hosta bulbs and a little hydrangea (also pictured: an asparagus fern I’m going to use in a terrarium), but soon I’m going to buy some ferns, and my neighbor is giving me some fuchsias. I also found a hanging patio chair at Urban Barn that I’m dying to buy. I’ve wanted one for about ever and the only ones I’ve found have all been like, $1,000, but this one is only $500. AMAZING. I hope I can get it!


And if it all comes together the way I want…


DREAM BIG, ME. Anyway, that was my weekend, I hope you all had a good one too! Now it’s back to work. I’m really busy this week, but luckily it’s a short one (Good Friday and all).

Monday Georgie

Pieces from the Weekend

Goldenpup & I
Goldenpup & I in the creamsicle-orange bathroom aka the surface of the sun
symphony’s birthday party
Party Decorations

Seeing how I was mightily pressed for time this year, I didn’t go as all-out with the decorations as I normally do. I put Clay in charge of hanging tissue-paper pompom flowers and crêpe paper streamers and left well enough alone.


The food was simple- sandwiches & veggies, popcorn and cheesy poofs (which were devoured in under 20 minutes) and some pop to drink. I also didn’t plan any birthday party activities and as it turns out, when you have eight 9-year-old girls in the house all they want to do is run around slamming doors, scream, and listen to Lady Gaga. FINE BY ME.


Instead of a cake I stuck candles into a pile of mini-funfetti cupcakes and doughnuts which I dipped in glaze and decorated with pink, blue, purple and yellow sugar and sprinkles.

The reason I had so little time for any party-planning/staging was that I spent all my free time last week working on Sym’s gift. She told me she wanted me to make her something, so I pulled out the patterns from last Christmas’s Sailor Senshi dolls and made her a little Felt Family.

Felt Family
Little Symmie, Little Taylor, Little Mommy

I know, I’m the awesomest mom ever. I actually wanted to make all out pets too but QUELLE SURPRISE I ran out of time. It took me until after midnight on Thursday to finish these! I guess Little Dougal/Kichou/Claire and Georgie will have to go on my “to sew” list, along with Tuxedo Kamen and Sailors Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn. I swear I’ll make all of these some day!

everything else

The rest of the weekend was sort of a blur of shopping, watching movies, piling every blanket onto the couch and eating delicious food I didn’t have to cook. Friday night we had takeout from Cafe Luxy and watched Ponyo. Well, Sym and I watched it, Taylor fell asleep at seven so we sent him to bed!

Saturday afternoon I took Sym out to use the gift cards she got for her birthday and buy a new coat- Taylor tagged along but did his own shopping. After Sym went to her dad’s we watched Dude, Where’s My Car? (I DON’T EVEN KNOW) and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which means we’re all ready for part one of The Deathly Hallows next week! That evening we went out to Society in Yaletown for a late dinner- Taylor had an enormous steak and I had the shake’n’bake chicken. For dessert we shared white chocolate-filled doughnut holes, and the birthday party at the next table shared some cake with us as a thank you for my taking some pictures of their group.

Today we were going to just have a lazy day but ever since September’s Frye boot debacle I’ve had a bee in my bonnet about finding some new fall/winter boots. I looked in a couple of stores while I was out on Saturday but couldn’t find anything a) and really liked and b) was available in my size! So this morning I did some internet research and came up with a couple of options, and decided to go out to Gravity Pope to check out some of my choices irl. I’m happy to report that it was a success and I have FINALLY found my new boots!


Exactly what I was looking for, waterproof, and only $200? SIGN ME UP! Unfortunately they only had my size in brown, but are ordering in a black pair for me.

On the way home we looked in a couple of shops and picked up some miscellaneous stuff, like this beautiful orange Le Creuset kettle (on sale!) and this silly owl from Homewerx for my Christmas tree.

New Tea Kettle
The Christmas Owl
one last thing…

Date Night/A Full Weekend

Thursday night marked the return of Date Night, as Taylor and I went out to see Inception instead of staying home to watch Burn Notice. We both liked it; Taylor REALLY liked it. I think I would have liked it more had my enjoyment not been marred by one thing: THEY CLOSED THE TACO BELL IN THE SCOTIABANK THEATRE FOOD COURT. I know; it’s completely unbelievable.

Anyhoo. Friday was a super easy day at work- I was supposed to have three kids but one didn’t show up and of the two that did, one left before lunch. I got to spend a nice afternoon with CT, reading and playing and going out for ice cream. In the evening we headed over to Taylor’s dad’s apartment for a barbecue, which was nice. We got home just before eleven and Sym and I both went straight to bed- she’d been up late the night before and I’d been up since 5:45. Ouch.

Saturday was another early morning for me- puppies really put the kibosh on sleeping in! Taylor and I got coffee and pastries and then Symphony and I ran errands while Taylor did an excellent job of vacuuming and dusting the house (I’d been complaining about feeling like no one helps me out with housework). Usually Sym goes to her dad’s on Saturday afternoons, but he was at a wedding so she got to go to her friend Ali’s house to play. She was there for most of the day, so after I did some housework of my own (dishes and mopping) Taylor and I had the opportunity to run errands without a cranky kid in tow.

Our list:
1. West End Farmer’s Market for veggies
2. Barking Babies for refills of Georgie’s poop-bags
3. New Balance so I could buy new running shoes (for my triumphant return to the gym)
4. HMV to pick up a dvd to watch that night if Sym was too tired for the fireworks (as it turned out, she was too tired for fireworks AND movies)
4. Sears or The Bay to look for an ironing board and a new microwave.

Farmer’s Market haul: peaches & cream corn, the world’s ACTUAL tiniest potatoes and mutant carrots!
These potatoes made my last tiny potatoes look like yams.

HOWEVER. Things didn’t go exactly as planned. Our trips to the market and Barking Babies were fine, and on our way from Yaletown to Downtown we swung by the Japadog restaurant for Terimayo dogs (teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise, carmelized onions & nori).

Unfortunately things were about to get sucky. There’s this tiny falafel/schwarma place on Robson at Granville, and for some inexplicable reason the people there thought it was a good idea, on the busiest shopping street on the busiest day, to pour a huge bucket of greasy slime water all over the sidewalk, from the building to the curb, six feet across. Clearly that place is a real braintrust. I thought it was just regular water so I tried to step across it and OF COURSE I slipped and OF COURSE I feel on my ass in greasy grey sludge. It was so disgusting! It soaked through my shorts (which were dark denim, thankfully), splattered up my legs and was all over my left hand, which broke my fall, overextending my wrist in the process. I also wrenched my knee, bruised my bottom AND hurt my pride. It was humiliating!

I stormed off to wash my hands and legs in the Sears bathroom, but there was nothing I could do about my behind. Taylor said you couldn’t really tell and suggested we try to continue our errands. He went to HMV and I went to New Balance, but after standing there for a while being totally ignored by the entire sales staff I was like “FORGET THIS” and stormed off again. I sent Taylor a text saying I was going home and I may have cried a little bit on the way. When I got there I had to have a shower to get the slime residue off me, and as it turned out it was good I didn’t try on shoes because the slop had gotten into my sandals and the soles of my feet were black. I had to use a pumice to get them clean.

So after that whole mess I didn’t really feel like going back out to finish our errands, so we just went to get groceries for dinner. I made spicy chicken, carrot fries, teeny potatoes and corn on the cob. This meal was about 70% good: I forgot we were out of butter so we didn’t have any for the corn, and I misjudged the times for the carrots and potatoes. I should have put the potatoes on five minutes earlier and the carrots on five minutes later, but it was still pretty good.


I picked Sym up from Ali’s at 7:30, and found her in a state of near-hysterical near-meltdown from all the late nights and activity-filled days. I told her if she had a nap we might be able to go to the fireworks but that didn’t happen. She laid down for about fifteen minutes and came out with a puffy blotchy face and big black eye circles and said “I feel better now,” but I didn’t fall for her clever ruse and sent her back to bed. She ended up sleeping straight through from 8 until 7 on Sunday morning!

Sunday was another super-early morning for me as Georgie needed to go out at 5:30. I also somehow managed to slam the gate on the back of my ankle and ripped it open, but still had to walk the dog with blood dripping into my shoe. Not a good start to the day! I didn’t bother going back to bed and when Taylor woke up we spent an absurdly lazy morning looking at pictures of people’s cosplay outfits from Comic Con and eating cookies for breakfast. After a while I started to feel a little mental so I went to read in bed and fell asleep for an hour or so. I woke up when Clay arrived to pickup Sym and then I managed to get both Taylor and myself in gear to go get coffee.

We still had the previous day’s errands to finish but after the lame excuse for customer service at New Balance I wasn’t about to go back there! Instead we went to the Nike Store (which is closer to my house anyway) and while the service wasn’t much better (I hate having to walk all the way across a store to find an associate and ask for help, like, running shoes are SCIENTIFIC and COMPLICATED they should be there to answer your questions, not gossiping at the cashdesk!) I did find a pair of Pegasuses I liked. They’re kind of ugly and somewhat cheesily Livestrong-branded, but they are like FOOT CLOUDS.


Taylor went to bed not long after we got home. I have a terrible habit of pestering him to stay up until 5 or 6 hanging out with me, but he hits his second awakeness wind around that time and ends up not getting enough sleep. To keep myself from bothering him I decided to go out and took Georgie on a big walk downtown. First we walked past the falafel/schwarma place and I gave them the biggest stink eye in the history of stink eyes. Next we did some shopping- I wanted to get a picnic blanket so I checked HomeSense (nothing, although I did buy some hangers and Georgie peed on the floor, oops) and The Bay, but I didn’t see anything there either. The last place we went was H&M where I got a $15 dress (grey, of course). By this point Georgie was getting really squirrelly so I took her home to read and relax for a while.
These pictures are actually from Saturday, she was cheering me up after I fell in the muck.

I was feeling pretty excited about my new gym shoes so I decided to make my return to the gym that evening instead of waiting until Tuesday. First, though, I needed to walk Georgie so she wouldn’t have any accidents while I was out, and it’s a good thing too. She likes to hide under the couch, and usually I have to poke her out with a stick, but this time she was whining and whimpering, so I pulled the ottoman out and discovered she’d wrapped herself up in an extension cord! I untangled her and then shoved this big stuffed rabbit under the couch so she couldn’t get back there again.

Usually I don’t wear my gym shoes outside, but I really didn’t feel like carrying my whole gym bag and having to lock stuff up so instead I used this great little LeSportsac wristlet my friend Marissa sent me. It’s perfect for carrying my phone, keys, ipod, gym card (and a picture of Taylor and I a friend took in Seattle). I also added some bandaids because of my torn-up ankle, and along with my water bottle this was all I had to bring!

Anyway, I got home from the gym just after eight to find Taylor was awake already! I guess him going to bed earlier doesn’t necessarily mean we have less time to spend together! After I showered we went out to the grocery store again to get stuff for spaghetti, although I’m the only one who ended up eating as Taylor only made enough for one. I think he had a peanut butter sandwich instead. We watched the season 4 premiere of Mad Men and then Taylor went to work and I went to bed. Unfortunately I didn’t have a restful sleep- Claire was poking me in the face all night and Kichou has this weird, honking cough that kept waking me up. Taylor actually has him at the vet right now, so everyone keep your fingers crossed it isn’t something serious!



This weekend was half awesome/half terrible.

On Friday night Taylor and I watched several hours of season three of Damages, a show which I love but can only stand to watch in marathons. Waiting a week between episodes is just too much for me! We stayed up until one but we weren’t finished yet so we watched the last two episodes this evening before Taylor went to bed. As usual the finale was INSANELY INTENSE, and since this will probably be the last season (which sucks, because Glenn Close and Rose Byrne and basically the entire cast are AMAZING) they wrapped up a bunch of storylines dating back to the first season.

Saturday was beautiful and warm and sunny and I’m happy to say I spent most of it outside, lying in the backyard and at the playground with Sym. I tried painting outside as well but it was so hot that the paint was drying on the brush, so I gave up on that and just read and played with the local doggies instead.

Yawning Kichou

Chicken Salad Pita
Chicken Salad Pita

Saturday’s lunch was another of my planned meals. The chicken salad was made with grilled chicken cut into cubes and mixed with diced tomatoes, crumbled feta and a smidge of plain yogurt for ~sandwich lubricant~. Taylor’s and mine also had onion sprouts, but Symphony’s was sproutless. One chicken breast and one (fairly small) tomato were enough for all three of us.

On Saturday evening Taylor and I went to see Exit Through the Gift Shop, this Banksy movie (possibly a documentary) about street art. I think Taylor thought I hated it, which I didn’t. Just parts of it, and some of the people in it. I mean, it wasn’t bad, but if you make a documentary (or fake documentary, or whatever) with people who come across as annoying or irresponsible or just stupid, then OF COURSE I won’t like those parts!

Anyway after the movie we came home and walked the dog, and that was when my weekend turned into poop, so I don’t really want to talk in detail about the rest of last night or 99% of today since it’ll just upset me again. I’ll just say that there are certain negative aspects of my personality that I’ve worked very hard to change in order to improve my life and the lives of those around me, and when it’s thrown in my face that I’m still the person I used to be it really, really, really hurts, especially when it’s the person whose opinion I value above all others who’s doing the throwing, and even if they apologize over and over it doesn’t UNhurt my feelings (I don’t care how run on this sentence is). It put me into a horrible depression and I may or may not have cried while doing the dishes this afternoon. Happy Mother’s Day to me, I guess:/

Enough pity party. Symphony came home from her dad’s with a giant “card” for me, really a sheet of poster board, on which she’d drawn and glued all my “favorite things.”

Happy Mother's Day

Some Littlest Pet Shops, Deery-Lou and “wacky fingers.” I’m not sure if these are my actual favorite things but it definitely made me feel better. Once Taylor went to bed we had dinner (macaroni and cheese, it’s not a meal plan night!) and watched My Neighbor Totoro, which also cheered me up. Of course now Sym is in bed and I get to spend the rest of Mother’s Day alone, cleaning the house. Huh. I guess that pity party isn’t quite over after all! Oh and did I mention I’m getting a horribly painful eye infection, like a sty or something? Yeah. Great.

As a consolation, our team won the hockey game tonight, I’m sure in no small part due to Taylor going to bed in his Canucks jersey.


Date Night Report: Late Morning + Afternoon Edition

Steamy Glasses
Steamy glasses at The Templeton for brunch. Taylor had mangled eggs & coffee, I had huevos rancheros & ruby red grapefruit juice. I loooooove having brunch there (their eggs are the MOST DELICIOUS in the city I swear) but it’s usually really busy we end up going to Glowbal or Cafe Crepe, so it was nice to get a spot at the counter. We always end up having chatty cathy convos with the staff and other diners- today was a discussion about how I need to take my vitamins so I don’t get sick all the time (I haven’t mentioned it but YES, I am currently sick AGAIN) and this awful story about the drummer from You Say Party WE Say Die collapsing on stage and dying from a brain hemorrhage last weekend.

After brunch we were going to come straight home (remember, I am sick, and yesterday’s trip to the art supply & Japanese $2 stores almost destroyed me), but I felt well enough so instead we decided to go to the Blim Monthly Market at the Heritage Hall on Main street, where I bought these stupidly cute buttons from Roxypop.
Roxypop Pins

After leaving the market we went further up Main to Voltage, looking in some gift/baby/housewares stores on the way (at one of them I found the M-Cups I was looking for, D’OH! but if I hadn’t ordered them from UO I wouldn’t have gotten the dress or feather rug or all the extras from Marissa so it’s cool). It was fun- whenever we are out in different neighborhoods we always say we should go check out these cool little shops but we never do. At Voltage we got some blind box toys and zipper pulls and I bought a book of Joe Ledbetter‘s paintings.
Creatures of Habit
Symphony and I both have vinyl Unicornasauruses- I think mine is the grey one (quelle surprise) and hers is yellow.
Toys Toys Toys

We also wandered through lots of side streets between the train station and the hall looking at houses, and Taylor told me what sort of house he would want. He’d rather stay in the city (HAHAHAHA AS IF WE COULD EVER AFFORD THAT) and he prefers old heritage houses with big trees. I told him that the houses I like in North Vancouver are old heritage houses with big trees but that “North” modifier is just unacceptable to him.

City Hall
City Hall.

Weeping Angels behind City Hall
Weeping Angels ooohhhhh nooooooooo.

Anyway once we got home I started to feel pretty crumby again so now I’m going to go take more Advil and go read in bed with this cat.
Belly rubs
Don’t let her horrified expression fool you- she loves belly rubs.

Date Night Report- Happy Anniversary & Weekend Recap

On Saturday Taylor and I decided to go out for a belated anniversary celebration. Our actual anniversary was during our trip on the 21st, and while we did celebrate it in Hawaii (I’ll post about that tomorrow) we couldn’t really do anything really romantic with Symphony in tow!


We chose dinner at The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe, the same restaurant we went to for my birthday. It’s only a few blocks from our house and I’m glad because I was EXHAUSTED! I spent the afternoon running around Home Depot to get background paint for Elina’s mural (I can’t wait to start painting!) and had to rush home to meet Symphony’s stepmom because her dad was stuck at some fighting tournament he was helping organize or something, I don’t even know. ANYWAY after that Taylor went to the gym and I laid down to read and promptly fell asleep! When he came back he asked how my nap was and I think I said “I’M STILL NAPPING TURN OUT THE LIIIIIIGHT.” Our reservation was for 7:45 and I don’t think I got up until 7:15! Luckily my hair looks just fine slept on so I just had to throw on some makeup (and pants) and I was ready.

I have to say that dinner was a little awkward at first. I still had that weird, disoriented and dehydrated afternoon nap feeling, and our waitress wasn’t very good- but just with us, which made us kind of uncomfortable. After we were seated it took FOR.EVER. for her to come over and ask us if we wanted still or sparkling water (which she never brought anyway), and then she went to the couple on my left and told them the specials and went to the group on my right and told them the specials BUT SHE NEVER TOLD US THE SPECIALS until after we got our wine. I have to say that once you do start ordering things there it all comes really quickly and was delicious, but just like our last visit, it really got off to a slow start.

Anyway. Enough complaining! We ended up splitting a bottle of sauvignon blanc and to start Taylor had an adorable mini (and I do mean mini, it was practically doll-sized) French onion soup and I had a green salad with poached pears, hazelnuts and panko-crusted goat cheese. For our mains Taylor had steak & frites (again!) and I had the Station 7 burger (classy I know), and for dessert he had sticky toffee pudding and I had this delicious trifle consisting of layers of vanilla, chocolate and marshmallow creme. So yummy! One of the owners brought us complimentary glasses of port (I assume to make up for the crummy start to our service), I had never had port before and it was like someone made butter out of fruit and turned it into alcohol. Taylor ended up drinking mine for me, haha.

The awkwardness also passed and we had a great conversation about books and cartoons, laughed about the guy next to us who confused Don Draper with Don Cheadle (how is that even possible???) and also had some serious future relationship discussion (including a talk about his concerns about the possibility of us having a baby at some point, concerns that may have made me say “vagina” too loudly in the restaurant. Oops). In the end it was a really lovely evening and a perfect celebration of our first year of marriage :)

Wedding of the Century

As for the rest of the weekend it had some good parts (getting to hold Symphony’s friend Ali’s pet degu’s brand-new one day old babies), some bad parts (Dougal peed in Taylor’s shoe), some less-lazy-than-normal parts (I actually went to the gym!) and now I’m into the melancholy part. Symphony has gone to bed and Taylor is sleeping as well. He has to go back to work tonight for the first time since the 17th, and I’m going to miss sleeping next to him. His night shifts never really get any easier. He had to take two extra days off for our trip to work, but now because he was off for so long he’s probably going to work Good Friday to “earn” back a vacation day (which he’ll probably never use anyway). So now I have a four-day weekend coming up (I have Friday and Monday off) but he just has a regular old two-day weekend instead. Oh well, I guess I’ll take what I can get!