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Huge Post of Epicness

I thought about doing a bunch of separate posts with all the stuff I’ve been meaning to blog about this week, but then I though EFF IT so now you get this huge post of epicness! Enjoy!


Popsicle Party Banner

First of all, even though I haven’t been posting them, I HAVE been making popsicles.

Orange Popsicle

Fresh squeezed orange juice popsicles! These were Sym’s pick, and quite delicious, although A LOT of work.

Blackberry Smoothie Popsicle

Leftover blackberry smoothie popsicles! I made these with the smoothie that Sym didn’t finish and I accidentally almost turned into jam.

Cherry Popsicle

Super-sweet cherry syrup popsicles! I don’t remember what I made this cherry syrup for, I think I just had some cherries that were getting old? WHO KNOWS? I think I must have put in a ton of sugar though, these were INTENSELY SWEET.

Arts & Crafts!
I’ve been making some really fantastic glitter banners and friendship bracelets recently. I did a Sailor Moon-themed craft swap with Rhiannon, and made her a banner of Luna, Diana and Artemis’ heads

Sailor Moon Cat Glitter Banner

… and Outer Senshi friendship bracelets.

Sailor Senshi Bracelets

I’m very excited to see what she’s made for me, so look for a post on that in the future!

I’m also really pleased with the banner I made for my friend Sonia, which has her name in Hindi. I’ve had people ask me before why I don’t use pre-cut letters and shapes for my banners, and this is why.


Don’t forget to “like” my shop on facebook and remember, there’s less than a week left to get 15% off your order with the code UNICORN15

With the other friendship bracelets I’ve made recently, I’ve been experimenting with metallic embroidery floss. It’s tricky to use- you have to knot it fairly tightly and that tends to make the bracelets curl up on themselves. I’ve found using a mix of half-metallic and half-regular works best.

Metallic Friendship Bracelets

The blue and silver one on the right was my favourite, but I lost it on Wednesday night, cry cry. Hopefully someone found it and gave it a good home!

Sym's Mini Arm Party

These I made for Sym, you can see here that I put chains and clasps on them instead of just tying them on, except I’m not super adept at it yet and they sometimes fall apart (which is how I think I lost my blue one). I still have a couple more that I made for myself, a purple and gold one, and an all-gold one with vintage aurora borealis crystal and gold-tone metal filigree beads (the later aren’t visible), pictured here with my silver Tiffany bracelet and my brand-new and amazing evil eye bracelet from Hippie Speedball.

Tiny Arm Party

Seeing as how I’ve been on vacation this week, I managed to find time for a quick getaway to New York.

Me in New York

OH WAIT NO I DIDN’T. But while I was out shopping on Wednesday I stumbled across my absolutely favorite show in the history of tv being filmed. THAT’S RIGHT, FRINGE!! Unfortunately there was no Joshua Jackson BUT I stood across the street like a giant dork and took pictures of Anna Torv and John Noble, aka Olivia Dunham and Walter Bishop, shooting a short scene where they walked fifty feet up Burrard street. Over and over again. tbh working on a tv show looks boring as hell.

Walter & Olivia

Vancouver Canadians!

Sunset Over Nat Bailey Stadium

Later that Day Taylor and I headed out to Nat Bailey Stadium (or I guess it’s now Scotiabank Field and Nat Bailey Stadium? Whatever) to catch a Canadians game. We’d been a couple of times before, but this was the first time I’d ever paid for tickets, and they are super affordable. Unfortunately the season is basically over, but next summer I definitely want to go to more games. If you are like me and like sports you can scream at while you drink beer, then this is definitely for you.

Taylor Turns 32!

Happy Birthday Taylor Banner

Of course, this weeks most important event was yesterday, when my darling and adorable husband celebrated his thirty-second birthday. He’s been working from home this week, so he slept for most of the day while Sym and I baked and hung decorations.

Cake and PresentsSparklers!

This is the second layer cake I’ve made (the first was the rainbow cake earlier this summer) and it turned out really well! I still need to work on making my icing look pretty, but the inside was SPECTACULAR.

Blue Gradient Cake

We had a yummy dinner of our traditional Thursday night poutine & Dr Peppers, then presents, then cake & milk, and after Sym went to bed, tv shows and beer.

The Birthday Man

Love him ♥

Anyway, that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to this week! On Monday it back to work for me (incidentally, today is the fifth anniversary of Starlight Family Childcare! Also the longest I’ve ever held a job, haha), but at least I still have this afternoon and the weekend of freedom left!

Cat's Pissed

Happy Friday! (But not from Claire, she hates everything.0


Birthday Girl

Happy 1st birthday to someone who has brought so much joy to me, my family and the internet over the past year!

Birthday Georgie
Beautiful Pup

Birthday Weekend

Two Dogs
these dogs love birthdays

It was my birthday this Saturday, and although I didn’t do anything particularly special, I still had a really nice weekend.

Friday Night was our regular Dance Central night, although our friends came over as well, and Taylor bought me a really yummy cake (which unfortunately did not last long enough to be photographed).

Plaid Family
plaid is cool

On Saturday I’d promised Sym we could go to the art/craft supply store to buy stuff to make Valentine’s Day cards for the kid in her class. Originally I’d planned to cut out my own animal shapes from velour paper, but then we saw these in the scrapbooking section so I decided to take the lazy way out and bought these instead. I know, I’m disappointed in myself as well.

Valentine Animals

Before that I opened my gift from Sym- a jar of Nutella (did you know Saturday was World Nutella Day? It was) and this cute little bear she made with her stepmom.

Symmie Bear & I
Sym & Georgie

After Sym went to her dad’s house, Taylor and I spent Saturday night being super lazy- we just laid around on the couch watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and eating leftover pizza and birthday cake. On Sunday morning he let me sleep in, although I wish he hadn’t- I had a difficult time falling asleep last night and I also missed spending the time with him- he has to go to bed on Sunday afternoons since his Monday shift starts at midnight, a fact I really really resent. REALLY.

Taylor & Georgie
I missed hours of this!

Instead of tidying the house, I ended up spending Sunday evening watching more Buffy and doing nothing, which was a bad idea since I ended up sleeping through my alarm this morning and woke up two minutes AFTER I was supposed to start work to a messy house and my first client already at the door. Oopsies. As a result I’m very tired and cranky today, even after having my coffee and Nutella toast & orange juice.

Nutella Toast & Orange Juice
the Terry’s Chocolate Orange of breakfasts

Now, I had told Taylor he didn’t need to get my any birthday gifts this year, but through a series of weird glitches a refund meant for him ended up going onto MY credit card, so he told me that could be my gift, and I spent it the most reasonable way I knew how: SHOES.


New rainboots, snowboots and heels are all winging their way to my house as I type. Now, the rainboots I definitely need now since it’s bound to be soggy all spring. The snowboots not so much, but they were on sale and I’d be super made at myself if I didn’t buy them and had to pay full price next winter. The heels I’m especially pleased about- they are actually identical to the turquoise shoes I bought for my wedding, which I love but never wear because they’re. Well. Turquoise! I saw them in black a few months after I got married and wanted them, but they were $515 and I couldn’t justify/afford that for black heels, so I’d actually been thinking of having my turquoise ones dyed. I happened to be browsing the Gravity Pope website last week and lo and behold, two years later and they still have them, only now they’re on clearance for $127. WHAT. It’s especially fortuitous because Georgie chewed up my last pair of black heels a few months ago and I hadn’t replaced them yet. So like, SCORE.

unicorn necklace from tacky beautiful

Anyway, I hope you all had a good weekend celebrating my birthday & Nutella Day (there was nothing else going on, right?), and thank you to everyone out there in internet land who sent birthday wishes my way. I love you girls so much, you keep me young.


Mail Call

Everyone loves getting awesome stuff in the mail! I hadn’t actually checked my mailbox in few so it was stuffed with awesome things.

A birthday card, scratch tickets and $$$ from my MILs. A musical card.

A selection of goodies from Jessica. We did an arts & crafts trade- I sent her some bunting and she sent my some Mickey Girl stickers, doily Valentines and a “Homesick” print.

Disaster Life Goodies

Thanks Jessica!

And the last thing I’m not posting a picture of because it’s like, official business stuff BUT I received a letter from the health authority that resolved some kind of terrible and stressful work issues I’d been having. PHEW!

Pieces from the Weekend

Goldenpup & I
Goldenpup & I in the creamsicle-orange bathroom aka the surface of the sun
symphony’s birthday party
Party Decorations

Seeing how I was mightily pressed for time this year, I didn’t go as all-out with the decorations as I normally do. I put Clay in charge of hanging tissue-paper pompom flowers and crêpe paper streamers and left well enough alone.


The food was simple- sandwiches & veggies, popcorn and cheesy poofs (which were devoured in under 20 minutes) and some pop to drink. I also didn’t plan any birthday party activities and as it turns out, when you have eight 9-year-old girls in the house all they want to do is run around slamming doors, scream, and listen to Lady Gaga. FINE BY ME.


Instead of a cake I stuck candles into a pile of mini-funfetti cupcakes and doughnuts which I dipped in glaze and decorated with pink, blue, purple and yellow sugar and sprinkles.

The reason I had so little time for any party-planning/staging was that I spent all my free time last week working on Sym’s gift. She told me she wanted me to make her something, so I pulled out the patterns from last Christmas’s Sailor Senshi dolls and made her a little Felt Family.

Felt Family
Little Symmie, Little Taylor, Little Mommy

I know, I’m the awesomest mom ever. I actually wanted to make all out pets too but QUELLE SURPRISE I ran out of time. It took me until after midnight on Thursday to finish these! I guess Little Dougal/Kichou/Claire and Georgie will have to go on my “to sew” list, along with Tuxedo Kamen and Sailors Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn. I swear I’ll make all of these some day!

everything else

The rest of the weekend was sort of a blur of shopping, watching movies, piling every blanket onto the couch and eating delicious food I didn’t have to cook. Friday night we had takeout from Cafe Luxy and watched Ponyo. Well, Sym and I watched it, Taylor fell asleep at seven so we sent him to bed!

Saturday afternoon I took Sym out to use the gift cards she got for her birthday and buy a new coat- Taylor tagged along but did his own shopping. After Sym went to her dad’s we watched Dude, Where’s My Car? (I DON’T EVEN KNOW) and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which means we’re all ready for part one of The Deathly Hallows next week! That evening we went out to Society in Yaletown for a late dinner- Taylor had an enormous steak and I had the shake’n’bake chicken. For dessert we shared white chocolate-filled doughnut holes, and the birthday party at the next table shared some cake with us as a thank you for my taking some pictures of their group.

Today we were going to just have a lazy day but ever since September’s Frye boot debacle I’ve had a bee in my bonnet about finding some new fall/winter boots. I looked in a couple of stores while I was out on Saturday but couldn’t find anything a) and really liked and b) was available in my size! So this morning I did some internet research and came up with a couple of options, and decided to go out to Gravity Pope to check out some of my choices irl. I’m happy to report that it was a success and I have FINALLY found my new boots!


Exactly what I was looking for, waterproof, and only $200? SIGN ME UP! Unfortunately they only had my size in brown, but are ordering in a black pair for me.

On the way home we looked in a couple of shops and picked up some miscellaneous stuff, like this beautiful orange Le Creuset kettle (on sale!) and this silly owl from Homewerx for my Christmas tree.

New Tea Kettle
The Christmas Owl
one last thing…


Little Symmie
Big Symmie

Unfortunately Symphony is at her dad’s this morning and I can’t force her to have her picture taken, so here is one from last week (when I made doughnuts for her class Halloween party) that I think is representative of her overall disposition. And yes, that is me in the first picture with purple hair. Really.

Now for my pre-birthday party to-do list:
-clean the entire house
-buy party food
-prep party food
-make funfetti mini-doughnuts & cupcakes
-make half a dozen more tissue paper pompom flowers
-hang up all the tissue paper pompom flowers and eight miles of green crêpe paper

….. plus have a shower at some point and all this in the next 6 1/2 hours. Taylor and Clay are going to help as well but they won’t get here until one o’clock or so. Surprisingly, no one wanted to take the morning off work to help me clean the house. I know, I’m baffled too.

Tumbling Into Oblivion

… so I fell in a sinkhole yesterday.

No really. Not my pathetic melancholy mood, an ACTUAL sinkhole. I was just standing in the yard, talking to one of my clients when I shifted my weight from my right foot to my left and WHOOSH. Suddenly I was knee-deep in the earth.

This is what it looked like after I fell into it. No big deal, right?
This is what it looked like when I cleared all the unsupported lawn away from it. It’s about 12″x18″, definitely big enough for idk, a small dog or toddler to fall all the way in.
I stuck a 54″ length of pvc pipe it to test the depth. It goes down on an angle, and that light grey object to the left of my pipe is an actual pipe. And below that?
Blackness! And you can’t really see it, but running water. GREAT.
Here I am holding the pipe right at the place where it stuck out of the sinkhole. All the rest of the length, almost 50″, was in the ground. Again, FULLY BIG ENOUGH FOR A SMALL DOG OR TODDLER TO BE SWALLOWED UP.

The best part is this is the second time this has happened this summer. Okay, last time I didn’t fall in, I knew that area was unstable and prone to sinkholing (it had collapsed and been filled in several times already in recent years), and when my neighbor left a hose running basically right in that spot for three hours I figured it might happen again. I was just probing the ground with my toe when it happened that time, and it wasn’t totally unexpected, but this time? Let me tell you, suddenly falling INTO the ground is very confusing and unsettling. I guess I should have realized the torrential rains the day before would have washed away all the dirt and concrete they dumped in there last time.

In non-being-swallowed-up-by-the-blackness-of-the-earth news, yesterday my birthday present for Taylor FINALLY arrived.

Team Zissou
Size 13 custom Team Zissou Adidas. Why does Taylor have such big feet???

Of course, his birthday was last Wednesday so I wasn’t exactly thrilled. I bought them on ebay, but I won the auction on July 16th, seven weeks ago. I knew the shoes would take time to customize but I figured a month and a half would be enough time for them to be finished and shipped. GUESS I WAS WRONG. But wait- it gets better! On Saturday, August 7th the seller sent me a message apologizing for the delay and saying the shoes would be shipped “early next week,” so like, the 9th or 10th, right? WRONG. When the shoes STILL hadn’t arrived by Taylor’s birthday I sent the seller a message asking if/when they’d been shipped, and the next day he wrote back saying after he got my message he stayed up all night finishing the shoes and sent them UPS that morning. WAIT. WHAT? So when he messaged me on the 7th to say he would ship them, not only did he NOT ship them, HE DIDN’T EVEN FINISH THEM??? He also had the audacity to toss a whiny remark into his message about how it cost him extra to send them UPS, oh gee SO SORRY YOU HAD TO INCONVENIENCE YOURSELF LIKE THIS YOU POOR MAN. Maybe he should have finished and shipped them when he said he was going to! Anyway the shoes are great but I’m pretty disappointed by the seller’s lies, excuses and delays. This doesn’t sound like positive feedback territory to me!

But let’s not dwell on negative, sour-grapey things like flaky ebay sellers and the crumbling yard. Instead, PUPPIES!

Georgie on Kichou
Georgie on Sleeping