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It Came From My Eyeball

Way back in time on the internet, a certain blogger *cough*kdiddy*cough* posted an extreme close-up photograph of her diseased eyeball. I’m not gonna do that. You’re welcome.

Last night when I was reading Sym her bedtime chapter of Harry Potter (the chapter of Goblet of Fire where Voldemort gets his body back, perfect reading for bedtime), my left eye started watering incontrollably. Just watering and watering. It was making me crazy, and it kept it up all evening, until I went to bed. At three am I woke up and discovered it was gooped shut, and when I managed to pry it open my vision was all blurry and obstructed. I stumbled to the bathroom mirror and confirm my suspicions.


Gross. GROSS. Pink eye is the biggest drag ever, and it’s one of the diseases that the health authority mandates can’t be hanging out untreated in a child care setting. If the kids get it they can’t come (although I did once have a parent send her child to daycare with such a bad case of pink eye that it was like there were rivers of green snot pouring down his cheeks, yuck), and if I get it the kids can’t come. I had the text all my clients first thing this morning and ask them to keep their kids at home, at least until I go to the doctor. So inconvenient for them, but thankfully they were all very understanding (most people are when you tell them you have pus oozing out of your face).

The worst part is I know EXACTLY where, when and why I got this pinkeye. Not from any of the kids, and not from having a cold (did you know colds can spread up the inside of your face to your eyes and give you viral conjunctivitis? It’s true!), but from my own stupidity. See, I RARELY wear makeup. It’s just not suited to my life and tbh I don’t really care that much. So I rarely think about makeup, and I certainly never think about replacing old, old, old items. But on Wednesday night we went out for dinner with an old fried of mine, and I actually wore makeup for once. Without even thinking twice I swiped on a couple of coats of some Lancome Hypnose (aka the best mascara everrrrrrr) waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara I bought to wear on my wedding day in case I cried. My wedding day which was in March of 2009.


So. LESSON LEARNED. I will be tossing the offending mascara immediately and picking up a new tube- luckily the doctor’s office I’m going to is right next to a drugstore, which is convenient for both having prescriptions filled AND replacing bacteria-riddled mascara tubes (fun fact: in Canada you can buy Lancome mascara at the drugstore. One time on a trip to Seattle I forgot mine at home and I was SHOCKED and APPALLED that I had to go to Macy’s to buy a new one).

Beautiful Georgie

As promised, not a picture of my crusty, seeping eyeball.


A Clean Start

I’ve mentioned here recently that I’ve been in a rut, a slump, a funk, whatever. I’ve been feeling very :/ about a lot of things, and one of them is this blog. I’m sick of my posts! I’m sick of my pictures! I’m sick of thinking up titles! But most of all, I’m (was) sick of the layout, so last night I steeled myself for a huge hassle and changed it.

New New Blog Layout

It’s not one hundred percent perfectly how I want it, but it’s pretty close! I think it’s a lot cleaner looking than the old layout, which is definitely what I was going for. I’d love to hear any thoughts or feedback you guys might have about it, and as a thank you here’s a Georgie for your troubles.


The Curse of the Gym


I have the worst luck with the gym. Every time I say I’m going to start going again, I go once and then suffer some calamitous event. I throw my back out and can barely walk, or I get strep throat, or I fall down the stairs at the gym when leaving after my workout and sprain my ankle. Every time I lose all my gym momentum and it’s months before I go back again- just to suffer a new setback.

Well. In August Taylor spent a lot of time talking about how he wanted to start going to the gym again, so I decided it would be supportive and helpful if I went too. Labour Day weekend I strapped my running shoes on for the first time in months and hit up Fitness World for some treadmill time. Aaaaaaaaaaand my shoes (pictured above), my beloved foot clouds, which are neither too old or too new, gave me huge horrible blisters, one of which popped and seeped and oozed and got horribly infected. WHAT THE HECK. It’s been really painful and gross, but it’s finally almost better. Just in time too; I think the weather is about to turn and I won’t be able to wear my flip-flops anymore (my feet are like Regina George on Kal-teen bars” flip-flops are all that fit me right now).

Hopefully I be able to re-restart going back to the gym this weekend, so please stay tuned for my next disaster.

In semi-related gym news, Taylor went yesterday morning and there was an older man running full-tilt on the treadmill while watchign full-on hardcore porn on his iPad. PEOPLE THESE DAYS idek.


Yesterday there was a serious situation at my house: I got locked outside. This was no accident, someone DELIBERATELY locked me out of the house.


I’d taken the daycare kids out to play in the backyard at the end of the day, and only had my phone with me, not my keys. A couple of neighbor-girls were out too so I called Sym to come outside and play, since she’d been holed up in her room almost the entire day. Sym didn’t want to come out, but I said she had to and she got really irritated with me. After whining and complaining on the phone she came out and sat next to me, whining and complaining some more. It was really frustrating, so I told her that if she was going to behave like a brat she could go back inside and go to bed. Which she did, and promptly fell asleep (note to self: look into re-lowering her bedtime), but not before LOCKING THE DAMN DOOR.

I didn’t realize what she’d done until after the kids were all picked up (luckily I had all their stuff outside with me), but if there had been some sort of accident or emergency it could have been really bad. I tried banging on the door and calling both Sym and Taylor but they were both asleep so eventually I had to go around the far side of the house and climb through a bunch of scaffolding (my house is being painted this week) and bang on the window to wake Taylor up. By this point I was RULL MAD so Sym go a very very serious talking to, by which I mean yelling at. She’s now grounded for a week, which means no:
• tv
• computer
• videogames
• iphone
• non-emergency phone calls
… so she’s going to have plenty of time to think about what she did.

The Heartbreak of Head Lice

Hey, long time no blog (four days is a long time for me, okay?). I have some stuff to post about (fireworks, mostly), but no nails or crafts or anything fun, because this week my house is suffering from the heartbreak of head lice. Warning: do not read this post unless you are prepared to feel really itchy. Also, I promise not to post any pictures of lice.

I never had head lice when I was a kid. My sister’s and I all had hair down to our butts so if there was even the slightest hint of head lice at our school my mom would keep us home. For weeks. A whole month even! Once 80% of our school was infected and I think I was technically homeschooled that year.

Anyway. This lack of lice experience has grown up with me into a total paranoid fear of lice, to the extent that I check Sym’s hair all the time. She is prone to having a dry scalp (like me) and doesn’t do the world’s best job of washing & rinsing her hair, both of which contribute to itchiness and flakiness and oh-my-god-are-those-nitsiness, but in spite of numerous outbreaks at her school she’s never been infected.

UNTIL NOW. As you may recall she was away for most of the last week and a half, only coming home to go to the fireworks with me on Wednesday. On Sunday evening I walked down to meet her on her way home from her dad’s and when I saw her I was like “oh, you have a little bug in your hair!” (my neighborhood is INFESTED with these no-see-um midges that hang in swarms over the sidewalks). I went to pull it out, and that’s when I realized there wasn’t a little bug in her hair- there were TONS AND TONS of little bugs.

It was super gross and I was horrified but I didn’t want her to be sad or embarrassed or ashamed, so I managed to keep it together and play it off like it was no big deal. I did make her wait outside the house while I dropped off the dog and grabbed my wallet though (I’m so mean) but I figured the less time the lice spend in the house not being killed the better.

It was about 7:30pm when we got to the drugstore and can I just say how happy I am to live in modern times where drugstores are open at 7:30pm on Sunday? Waiting until Monday to buy delousing treatment would have sucked. After talking to the pharmacist I decided to try a non-pesticidal treatment, since not covering your kids with poison is usually the best option.

The product I bought is called Resultz, and it works by dissolving the exoskeleton of the lice, dehydrating them to death. Just like my other favourite insect killer, diatomaceous earth! A treatment kit (a bottle of lotion and a comb) cost about $40 and let me say it was WORTH EVERY PENNY. I was able to coat all of Sym’s shoulder-length hair with 1/3 of the bottle, leaving plenty for a second treatment for her or a first treatment for myself or Taylor if we get lice (knock on wood). The lotion wasn’t smelly or gross (it just feels like a really watery soap, kind of like bubble liquid), and in just ten minutes every. single. louse. was dead.

Of course, the treatment doesn’t end with dead lice; you still have to comb out all their little corpses and eggs, which is the really tedious part. I washed her hair twice with tea tree oil shampoo and deep conditioned it so it wouldn’t be a tangled mess, and then I got to combing, first with a regular comb and then with the special fine-toothed lice comb. You have to do the hair in sections, and after each pass through the hair you have to wipe the comb off with a tissue and put the tissues in a ziploc bag. I also rinsed the combs in hot water several times.

After three hours of combing I was fairly certain I’d gotten all of the bugs, if not all of their eggs, so I put Sym to bed and then went crazy on the laundry and cleaning. I don’t know when she was infected so I’d already stripped all the linens and toys off her bed and remade it with white sheets, which would show any remaining bugs better than her Hello Kitty sheets. All the toys that couldn’t be washed went into a garbage bag, which was tied shut and won’t be opened for two weeks. Her washable toys, blankets, sheets, pillowcases, pillows, the clothes she was wearing, the clothes in her suitcase, the clothes I was wearing and all the towels we used in the treating/washing/combing process needed to be washed in hot water and dried in a hot dryer. Basically I was up until 3 in the morning doing laundry.

Even though lice are highly contagious, particularly in a child care environment, they don’t spread diseases and are therefore considered more of a nuisance than a health hazard. I didn’t have to close down, but I did call my clients and let them know that there was a case of lice in my house so they could make their own decisions about coming or not. Thankfully, my only clients on Mondays kept their kid home, because in addition to being exhausted, I had more laundry to do and guess what? MORE COMBING.

After the first treatment you have to comb the hair every day for a week (and then treat a second time), and since there were still quite a few eggs stuck in Sym’s hair it took another three hours yesterday afternoon. This is mostly because the plastic comb that came with the Resultz was kind of crap, and I ended up picking the nits out of her hair with my fingernails. Yes, I was LITERALLY nit-picking. Gross. The lice glue their eggs to the hair shaft and you have to pull them all the way down to the tip of the hair to get them off. This is both time-consuming and gross, but her dad was able to find a metal comb at the drugstore by his house (the one by mine didn’t have any) which he says works really well.

This whole process is ongoing and nasty and a big hassle, but now that I’ve been through it (well, two days of it, haha) I feel pretty good about my ability to deal with it, and I’ve learned some interesting things.

1. Websites with information about treating head lice like to have pictures of enormously magnified head lice on them, which I find sadistic and cruel.
2. Lice are much more likely to infest the hair of white children than black children. Racists.
3. When you tell your kid to choose a movie to watch while you comb and pick nits out of her hair, she will unironically choose Disney’s Tangled.

So that’s what’s up with me. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I caught this in time and the treatments are successful (so far no one else seems to be infested), and I hope to be back to my regular scheduled blogging about nail polish and glitter soon! And a special note to Rhiannon, Erin and Bethany: your crafts/banners do not have any lice in them, I swear.

A Sorry State of Affairs


I am so sad and heartbroken this morning that people would trash my city. All the pathetic rioters & looters should be ashamed of themselves, NO ONE who really loved the Canucks would treat Vancouver like that.


Weekend Wipeout

Friday night started awesome; I fished work half an hour early and was able to run out and get beer before the hockey game started. Sym and her friend Ali made this great sign for the living room and then went over to Ali’s to play.

Crafting Kids
Go Canucks Go

Of course all the beer I bought inevitably led me into DISASTER and I want to warn you now that if you are faint of heart or easily grossed out STOP SCROLLING or at least scroll very fast until you get to the Saturday part of the post.

During the second intermission I went on a mad scramble to the store for snacks, and as I was hurrying home I injured the CRAP out of my pinky toe. Here’s the thing about my pinky toe: I break it. A lot. I’ve broken it so many times that it basically shatters now if I just look at it funny. But I didn’t break my toe on Friday night; no, I broke my toe last week. What I did to it on Friday night was WORSE.

I was in a big hurry and as I was rounding the corner into the alley I passed by this house whose garden has a lot of rocks in it. Big rocks. Like bigger than bowling balls. Just scattered around the garden and there is one RIGHT on the corner. Now, I mentioned I was hurrying, but did I mention I was wearing flip-flops? And that I was kind of drunk? Well, I was, and as I rounded that corner I just straight up SMASHED that poor broken pinky toe right into the rock.

I managed to hobble home and when I got there I looked at what I’d done and basically I skinned the whole end of my toe. But not skinned it like a skinned knee; skinned it like SKINNED ALIVE. Are you ready?


BARF. Like my feet aren’t gross enough already. And nevermind the horrible skinned part, look at what shape it is! That is not a normal toe shape.

ANYWAY. Taylor and I taped it up with a ton of gauze and I did the only thing I could do in that situation: I DRANK MORE. Which led to this:



Yep, that’s me, desperately clinging to sleep on Saturday morning even though I’m surrounded by pestering pets and a husband who thinks we make the perfect photo opportunity.

Eventually I dragged myself out of bed and with enough coffee, toast, Advil and vitamins I was able to kick my hangover in the butt and go to the farmer’s market. I forgot to take a picture of everything I bought but we ate most of it for lunch. I felt like I needed something really healthful to finish curing me, so I made us what Sym likes to call a “Snacky Lunch” of veggies, pitas and dip.

Snacky Lunch

The homous, cherry tomatoes, radishes and cucumber were from the market; the only unpictured item is some mint Oreo fudge which is basically so yummy I don’t even want to eat it because then it’ll just be gone.


Seriously though, SO GOOD. Bye, hangover!

Sym and I made a plan a few weeks ago that we’d do a craft every Saturday, but then last weekend we came up with a NEW plan that if it was sunny, we’d go to the beach. This Saturday was overcast, so it was a craft day! She has this book of like ~crafts for girls~, and for this weekend she selected a gingerbread house collage. Since I hate to keep things simple I decided it would be better if we made a 3D gingerbread house. Unfortunately we didn’t finish it before her dad picked her up, but we made a good start and we’ll keep working on it this week.

Gingerbread House Decorations

Sym painted lots of little candies, treats and gumdrop people we’re going to cut out and glue onto the house, which I made. I’m really thrilled with how well it turned out, actually.

Little Brown House

I know. I’m amazing. This was actually pretty simple to do, and if anyone is interested in learning how to make one I could throw together a tutorial. Let me know!

Sunday was pretty laid back; Taylor and I worked on our ongoing closet-organizing project, ran a few errands and hung out with our dogs. Hope you all had a good (injury-free!) weekend!

Serious Georgie
Silly Georgie

She really is the best.