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The Curse of the Gym


I have the worst luck with the gym. Every time I say I’m going to start going again, I go once and then suffer some calamitous event. I throw my back out and can barely walk, or I get strep throat, or I fall down the stairs at the gym when leaving after my workout and sprain my ankle. Every time I lose all my gym momentum and it’s months before I go back again- just to suffer a new setback.

Well. In August Taylor spent a lot of time talking about how he wanted to start going to the gym again, so I decided it would be supportive and helpful if I went too. Labour Day weekend I strapped my running shoes on for the first time in months and hit up Fitness World for some treadmill time. Aaaaaaaaaaand my shoes (pictured above), my beloved foot clouds, which are neither too old or too new, gave me huge horrible blisters, one of which popped and seeped and oozed and got horribly infected. WHAT THE HECK. It’s been really painful and gross, but it’s finally almost better. Just in time too; I think the weather is about to turn and I won’t be able to wear my flip-flops anymore (my feet are like Regina George on Kal-teen bars” flip-flops are all that fit me right now).

Hopefully I be able to re-restart going back to the gym this weekend, so please stay tuned for my next disaster.

In semi-related gym news, Taylor went yesterday morning and there was an older man running full-tilt on the treadmill while watchign full-on hardcore porn on his iPad. PEOPLE THESE DAYS idek.


My Triumphant Return to the Gym

Last night I went to the gym for the first time in months. I was feeling angry and annoyed and knew I wouldn’t be able to get to sleep at a reasonable hour anyway, so I decided to go work out. At midnight. My gym has a 24-hour location about five blocks from my apartment, so I might as well take advantage of that, right? It seemed like a good idea at the time, although I had cause to regret my decision when my alarm went off at 6:30 this morning!

The gym is weird at midnight. It’s really quiet, which is awesome since I hate it when it’s super crowded. It’s pretty much just big beefy guys who work out that late- there were only three other women there, and I think two of them just stayed in the locker room, which is pretty weird. I don’t know if I’d go that late again; I’m pretty fuzzy-headed and sleepy today so I don’t think midnight workouts are very sustainable over the long term.

Date Night/A Full Weekend

Thursday night marked the return of Date Night, as Taylor and I went out to see Inception instead of staying home to watch Burn Notice. We both liked it; Taylor REALLY liked it. I think I would have liked it more had my enjoyment not been marred by one thing: THEY CLOSED THE TACO BELL IN THE SCOTIABANK THEATRE FOOD COURT. I know; it’s completely unbelievable.

Anyhoo. Friday was a super easy day at work- I was supposed to have three kids but one didn’t show up and of the two that did, one left before lunch. I got to spend a nice afternoon with CT, reading and playing and going out for ice cream. In the evening we headed over to Taylor’s dad’s apartment for a barbecue, which was nice. We got home just before eleven and Sym and I both went straight to bed- she’d been up late the night before and I’d been up since 5:45. Ouch.

Saturday was another early morning for me- puppies really put the kibosh on sleeping in! Taylor and I got coffee and pastries and then Symphony and I ran errands while Taylor did an excellent job of vacuuming and dusting the house (I’d been complaining about feeling like no one helps me out with housework). Usually Sym goes to her dad’s on Saturday afternoons, but he was at a wedding so she got to go to her friend Ali’s house to play. She was there for most of the day, so after I did some housework of my own (dishes and mopping) Taylor and I had the opportunity to run errands without a cranky kid in tow.

Our list:
1. West End Farmer’s Market for veggies
2. Barking Babies for refills of Georgie’s poop-bags
3. New Balance so I could buy new running shoes (for my triumphant return to the gym)
4. HMV to pick up a dvd to watch that night if Sym was too tired for the fireworks (as it turned out, she was too tired for fireworks AND movies)
4. Sears or The Bay to look for an ironing board and a new microwave.

Farmer’s Market haul: peaches & cream corn, the world’s ACTUAL tiniest potatoes and mutant carrots!
These potatoes made my last tiny potatoes look like yams.

HOWEVER. Things didn’t go exactly as planned. Our trips to the market and Barking Babies were fine, and on our way from Yaletown to Downtown we swung by the Japadog restaurant for Terimayo dogs (teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise, carmelized onions & nori).

Unfortunately things were about to get sucky. There’s this tiny falafel/schwarma place on Robson at Granville, and for some inexplicable reason the people there thought it was a good idea, on the busiest shopping street on the busiest day, to pour a huge bucket of greasy slime water all over the sidewalk, from the building to the curb, six feet across. Clearly that place is a real braintrust. I thought it was just regular water so I tried to step across it and OF COURSE I slipped and OF COURSE I feel on my ass in greasy grey sludge. It was so disgusting! It soaked through my shorts (which were dark denim, thankfully), splattered up my legs and was all over my left hand, which broke my fall, overextending my wrist in the process. I also wrenched my knee, bruised my bottom AND hurt my pride. It was humiliating!

I stormed off to wash my hands and legs in the Sears bathroom, but there was nothing I could do about my behind. Taylor said you couldn’t really tell and suggested we try to continue our errands. He went to HMV and I went to New Balance, but after standing there for a while being totally ignored by the entire sales staff I was like “FORGET THIS” and stormed off again. I sent Taylor a text saying I was going home and I may have cried a little bit on the way. When I got there I had to have a shower to get the slime residue off me, and as it turned out it was good I didn’t try on shoes because the slop had gotten into my sandals and the soles of my feet were black. I had to use a pumice to get them clean.

So after that whole mess I didn’t really feel like going back out to finish our errands, so we just went to get groceries for dinner. I made spicy chicken, carrot fries, teeny potatoes and corn on the cob. This meal was about 70% good: I forgot we were out of butter so we didn’t have any for the corn, and I misjudged the times for the carrots and potatoes. I should have put the potatoes on five minutes earlier and the carrots on five minutes later, but it was still pretty good.


I picked Sym up from Ali’s at 7:30, and found her in a state of near-hysterical near-meltdown from all the late nights and activity-filled days. I told her if she had a nap we might be able to go to the fireworks but that didn’t happen. She laid down for about fifteen minutes and came out with a puffy blotchy face and big black eye circles and said “I feel better now,” but I didn’t fall for her clever ruse and sent her back to bed. She ended up sleeping straight through from 8 until 7 on Sunday morning!

Sunday was another super-early morning for me as Georgie needed to go out at 5:30. I also somehow managed to slam the gate on the back of my ankle and ripped it open, but still had to walk the dog with blood dripping into my shoe. Not a good start to the day! I didn’t bother going back to bed and when Taylor woke up we spent an absurdly lazy morning looking at pictures of people’s cosplay outfits from Comic Con and eating cookies for breakfast. After a while I started to feel a little mental so I went to read in bed and fell asleep for an hour or so. I woke up when Clay arrived to pickup Sym and then I managed to get both Taylor and myself in gear to go get coffee.

We still had the previous day’s errands to finish but after the lame excuse for customer service at New Balance I wasn’t about to go back there! Instead we went to the Nike Store (which is closer to my house anyway) and while the service wasn’t much better (I hate having to walk all the way across a store to find an associate and ask for help, like, running shoes are SCIENTIFIC and COMPLICATED they should be there to answer your questions, not gossiping at the cashdesk!) I did find a pair of Pegasuses I liked. They’re kind of ugly and somewhat cheesily Livestrong-branded, but they are like FOOT CLOUDS.


Taylor went to bed not long after we got home. I have a terrible habit of pestering him to stay up until 5 or 6 hanging out with me, but he hits his second awakeness wind around that time and ends up not getting enough sleep. To keep myself from bothering him I decided to go out and took Georgie on a big walk downtown. First we walked past the falafel/schwarma place and I gave them the biggest stink eye in the history of stink eyes. Next we did some shopping- I wanted to get a picnic blanket so I checked HomeSense (nothing, although I did buy some hangers and Georgie peed on the floor, oops) and The Bay, but I didn’t see anything there either. The last place we went was H&M where I got a $15 dress (grey, of course). By this point Georgie was getting really squirrelly so I took her home to read and relax for a while.
These pictures are actually from Saturday, she was cheering me up after I fell in the muck.

I was feeling pretty excited about my new gym shoes so I decided to make my return to the gym that evening instead of waiting until Tuesday. First, though, I needed to walk Georgie so she wouldn’t have any accidents while I was out, and it’s a good thing too. She likes to hide under the couch, and usually I have to poke her out with a stick, but this time she was whining and whimpering, so I pulled the ottoman out and discovered she’d wrapped herself up in an extension cord! I untangled her and then shoved this big stuffed rabbit under the couch so she couldn’t get back there again.

Usually I don’t wear my gym shoes outside, but I really didn’t feel like carrying my whole gym bag and having to lock stuff up so instead I used this great little LeSportsac wristlet my friend Marissa sent me. It’s perfect for carrying my phone, keys, ipod, gym card (and a picture of Taylor and I a friend took in Seattle). I also added some bandaids because of my torn-up ankle, and along with my water bottle this was all I had to bring!

Anyway, I got home from the gym just after eight to find Taylor was awake already! I guess him going to bed earlier doesn’t necessarily mean we have less time to spend together! After I showered we went out to the grocery store again to get stuff for spaghetti, although I’m the only one who ended up eating as Taylor only made enough for one. I think he had a peanut butter sandwich instead. We watched the season 4 premiere of Mad Men and then Taylor went to work and I went to bed. Unfortunately I didn’t have a restful sleep- Claire was poking me in the face all night and Kichou has this weird, honking cough that kept waking me up. Taylor actually has him at the vet right now, so everyone keep your fingers crossed it isn’t something serious!


Weekend Part Two: Sunday in the City

After all the chaos and driving around the Lower Mainland on Saturday I was happy to have a nice, relaxing day on Sunday. I also didn’t sleep very well (possibly because of stuffing my face with sugary sweets from the candy bar at the wedding the night before) so I was pretty tired and not up for any intense adventuring. I also wasn’t up for any intense dressing so I wore this comfy yet awesome maxi dress which is my new favorite.

Sunday's Dress

I got it at the Old Navy in Kahului when we were killing time before our return flight back in March and I hadn’t worn it yet, but after all the compliments I got on it I will definitely be rocking it non-stop this summer. Fun fact about how terrible I am: I put it on when we got home from he wedding and said to Taylor “I’m going to sleep in this dress tonight and then tomorrow, I’m going to wear it to brunch.” And I did.

Date Brunch
Date Brunch
Date Brunch

In spite of being slightly overcast, it was really bright out and some of us can’t find our sunglasses.

Date Brunch

We saw this girl at Ikea in Coquitlam on Saturday. WHAT ARE THE ODDS??

Date Brunch

We started the day right with a delicious brunch. We swung by the Templeton but the wait was too long (this is the case 75% of the time) so instead we continued on to Glowbal (also the case 75% of the time).

Date Brunch

When you sit down they bring you tiny donuts and a mini-smoothie (not pictured but it was strawberry/blueberry/cranberry/mint and oh so delicious).

Date Brunch
Date Brunch

Toy car from the Cougar table at the wedding.

Date Brunch

Sculpture in like, the least-inviting park in the city. The whole thing is rough, pokey cobblestones. What’s wrong with grass?

Date Brunch
Date Brunch

I have NO IDEA how Taylor managed to sneak out of the house wearing this light grey shoes with black socks combination. I’ll have to be more vigilant in the future.

After eating we wandered around for a little while, sort of shopping but not really. I wanted to get a new pair of Vans KVDs but I couldn’t find the checkered ones and we were both too tired to search all over the city for them. Instead we came home and watched the season finale of SNL. After that Taylor went to the gym and OH MY GOSH I CAN’T BELIEVE IT but I went too. I stopped going when I got sick and had a stuffed up bloody nose for like, a month, but I’m finally re-motivated and well enough to go. Of course, all I did was like, the laziest 30 minutes of elliptical ever, but it’s a start!

I ♥ Long Weekends


I really can’t think of a better way to transition back into work after a vacation than by having two short weeks in a row. I have today and Monday off, and really, is there anything better than a four-day weekend? I’ve been looking forward to it all week, except for one thing- because he took so many days off for our trip, Taylor had decided to work today (well, last night/this morning, his shift is 12am-8am in order to “make up” one of the days off, so he didn’t have a long weekend with me and would be sleeping all day today.

We decided to go out last night anyway, just for burgers & beer with our friends Rich & Jenn. Afterwards we came back here and hung out with the dog while Taylor go ready to go to the work. He left at 11:15, but then at 11:40, just as Rich & Jenn were leaving he came back in a panic- he’d lost the swipe card to get into the office! Luckily he’d stopped to get coffee and realized the card wasn’t in his wallet and was able to come home to search for it. I immediately started helping to look and also offered to give him cash to take a cab to work so he wouldn’t be late. Suddenly he turned to me and yelled “April Fool’s!” I was confused (and a little drunk) so I was like “… you didn’t lose your card?” I thought, what a stupid prank, now you’ll be late to work- oh wait! “You’re not going to work!!” What dedication to pranking! He kept the lie up all week, only had 2 drinks at dinner and went all the way to Starbucks after 11 just to trick me. Obviously he’s been learning from me- the other day I was in the bath and he busted it and threw ice cubes on me, which was HILARIOUS. I guess the student has finally become the master.

Since he didn’t have to leave we stayed up and watched the new episode of Fringe, which we’d forgotten was back on. I have to say I don’t know why more people don’t watch that show, it is SO GOOD. I don’t want to spoil anything, so i’ll just say that I bawled like a baby through the whole show!


This morning I slept in, which was awesome, and then Taylor and I went to the gym. We just got back and Symphony was just dropped off, so I think we’re going to hang around here for a while and then go out to buy new dog crates for the foyer- right now I have these ugly, awkward plastic ones, so I’m going to replace them with metal ones, which I think are less intrusive into the design of the room, plus they are a bit bigger, which is nice for the dogs themselves!
For Kichou, 24″ x 18″ x 19″, this is about the same length as his current crate but its way wider AND taller:


For Dougal, 36″ x 23″ x 25″, this one is a little bigger than his current crate:


As for the rest of the weekend, I don’t know yet what I’m going to do. I know I want to get my foyer ready to photograph, and maybe spraypaint some picture frames in there red, although that depends on whether or not it ever stops raining. I have tons of work to do on Elina’s mural- it’s just a bunch of blue canvases right now.
1st Coat
Not so exciting yet, but they will be soon!


Today I only had two daycare kids coming- a baby from 8-5 and a preschooler from 11:45-5 after his session at the Montessori. However, the baby got sick and stayed home, so after I dropped Sym at school at nine I realized I had a free morning! I texted Taylor to arrange a trip to the gym (I haven’t been at all this week- on Tuesday I had a migraine and yesterday I was just too lazy and tired). I was all excited and then DISASTER! The mom of the preschooler called and told me his school was closed and she needed to drop him off.

So disappointing! I couldn’t really say no, so there goes my trip to the gym, but I am going to have words with her about this last minute changes nonsense. She told me the Montessori teachers were all at a conference so there’s no way they wouldn’t have given the families more than a day’s notice of the closure! I’ve had issues with this family with this sort of thing before- there were a couple times before Christmas when I showed up at the Montessori to pick the kid up, only to find that it was closed, or they were on a field trip, and no one had bothered to tell me. This is unacceptable, especially on days when it’s raining! The plans I made today were spontaneous and easily cancelled, but if I’d known in advance that the baby wouldn’t be coming and I had a free morning I might have scheduled an important appointment that I didn’t want to break.

Weekend Recap

It’s Sunday night and as usual I have a ton of housework to catch up on- a load of dishes, a bunch of laundry( thank goodness I have a high capacity, high efficiency washer & dryer!), vacuuming everywhere and both bathrooms to clean, as well as the catbox and the hamster cage. Every weekend I swear I won’t let the house fall into disarray and every weekend it does. I just have a hard time motivating myself to clean things around the house when that’s what I have to do all week while I’m working, especially when there are other, funner things I’d rather be doing all weekend!

After work I managed to squeeze in a super-quick trip to the gym. Taylor and I were supposed to go together on Thursday evening but laziness prevailed and instead we watched tv shows and got poutine from La Belle Patate, which has like, 30 different kinds of poutine! If you’ve never had it, it’s french fries and cheese curds smothered in gravy. Basically, it’s the opposite of working out! To make up for it Taylor went to the gym after he finished work on Friday morning, and I was going to go later that night after Sym’s bedtime.

As luck would have it she was invited to her friend Ali’s house for a playdate that afternoon. She and Ali were in preschool together, but even though she lives just half a block from us she goes to a different elementary school, so they don’t see each other often. Anyway, both girls were going to be coming back to my house at six-fifteen, so I figured that if I left right when I finished work I could get to the gym, run on the treadmill for a half hour (and live tweet it, haha) and get home in time to meet the girls. Normally I hate going to the gym right after work because it’s so busy, but only crazy meatheads work out on Friday nights so it was really quiet. As it turned out I rushed for nothing because they ended up staying at Ali’s until seven-thirty, but at least I got to have a shower before they got back!

After Ali went home and Sym was in bed, Taylor got us beer and Japanese takeout and we watched some Neon Genesis Evangelion. Taylor says I have to watch it with him since he watched the whole of Sailor Moon with me, although he really didn’t. After like, three episodes we were both ready to pass out, even though it was only ten-thirty! Apparently, we’re old now. Oh, and I conquered my up-until-three-every-night insomnia. The trick is to get up at six-forty for work every morning. Seriously, good luck staying awake until three am then!

Since I’m no longer a sleep-deprived zombie I was able to get up early on Saturday morning and take Sym out shopping. She’s grown like crazy since her birthday, and most of her pants and jeans were getting to be too short and too tight. She’s really picky about her pants (won’t wear skinny jeans or leggings) and shopping with her can be a huge drag, but the trip was surprisingly painless and fight-free. We went to a few different places but the only store where she found anything she liked was Gap Kids. She picked out some black and navy blue yoga pants, three pairs of jeans, a dress and some glittery flip-flops (early, I know, but she’s preparing for when we go to Hawaii in March). They had an extra 25% off for Sprize members, so I ended up saving $40 on her stuff. That’s how I’m going to look at it anyway. I saved money!

After we got home Ali came over to play again- this mostly consisted of them running in and out of the house shrieking about the neighborhood boys who were having a Nerf dartgun fight outside, alternating with them sitting quietly and reading, wrapped up in blankets. While this was going on I managed to do some dishes and read some of my book (Girlfriend in a Coma, which I hadn’t read in about ten years). Taylor was out getting his hair cut and came home with all his shagginess gone! He also trimmed his woolly beard this weekend and I’m still not used to this new, more streamlined husband.

Sym’s dad picked the girls up and took Ali home at four-thirty. Taylor and I were going to go grocery shopping (what a fun Saturday night activity! Remember, we’re old) but we only got as far as writing a list of about three items before we accidentally fell asleep and had a three hour nap. Whoops! Taylor actually had an excuse- he was up stupidly early that morning, like three-thirty or something ridiculous like that. My mistake was lying down next to him on the bed and letting his energy leech powers wash over me. He is like a black hole of nappiness! I finally managed to drag myself out of bed at around eight and harassed Taylor into getting up and coming with me on a much more minor than originally planned trip to the store, where we picked up the essential food items of Coca-Cola, two different kinds of oranges (blood and pink) and pomegranate-raspberry sorbet. When we got home we watched Friday’s episode of The Tonight Show, followed by Forgetting Sarah Marshall before heading to bed at around one.

I managed to wake up fairly early again and after coffee and a quick breakfast Taylor and I headed off to the gym. That’s three times in a week, yay us! We came home to shower and change, and then walked down to Yaletown to have brunch at one of my favorite brunch restaurants, Glowbal Grill. We had our post-elopement wedding brunch there last May. The food is super yummy- today I had wildberry panettone french toast with marscapone cream and a shot of hot chocolate, so amazing.

After brunch we went to a bookstore, where I stocked up on four more books, which should take me about a week and a half to get through. I should probably just cave in and get an e-reader, or ask for one. I do have a birthday coming up! When we got home Taylor was going to help me clean the house, but as we all know that didn’t happen! Instead we both curled up in bed in our cozies and read all afternoon. So much better for the soul than doing chores! Taylor went to sleep at three (he has to work tonight) and I kept reading until Symphony got home from her dad’s around six. She and I worked on our Farmville farms (her Grandma got us both hooked on it), then I got her to tidy her room quickly and tucked her into a pile of blankets and sweaters on the couch so she could watch Ponyo while I started the housework I listed at the beginning of this post. I’ve actually been working on this post on and off for two hours, in between cleaning, reading Sym a chapter of Charlotte’s Web and putting her to bed. Now it’s nine-thirty, everyone is asleep (except for my pest of the cat) and it’s the quietest part of my week. I guess that’s why I tend to leave all my housework for Sunday night- to fill the loneliest hours.