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Business Meeting

Yesterday I took all the daycare kids, plus Sym and Georgie, for an impromptu picnic on the lawn of a nearby hotel; we were meeting one of the daycare moms there so that she didn’t have to spend 20 minutes in traffic going the two blocks from her work to my house.

The Sun & Sky @ Wall Centre Picnic

I wish I could post pictures of the kids because they were being very very cute, but you’ll have to make due with me and my own cuties.

Sym @ Wall Centre Picnic
Sym @ Wall Centre Picnic

idk when she got so grown up. Also, her sunglasses kill me.

Georgie @ Wall Centre Picnic

Even though I tied her leash to the stroller, Georgie was still happy to be there.

Me @ Wall Centre Picnic

Sym took this picture of me, working at my job. Pretty sweet.


Manicure Monday: Tiny Toes Edition

Manicure Monday Header

I have two 2-year-old girls in my daycare, and today one of them arrived with pink polished fingers and toes. The other one was SUPER jealous, so I offered (with her parents’ permission) to paint her nails as well.

Fine Fuchsia Fingers
Pin a Rose on your Toes

B’s nails on the left were done by her mom; M’s nails on the right were done by me.

View from the Fort

Fort Building

This morning the daycare kids helped me build a giant fort. I have 2 Crazy Forts kits now, which means 50 ball and 88 sticks, and we used almost all of them.

Fort Building

I always forget that the holes aren’t properly aligned in these to make a geodesic dome :/ Instead I made a weird dome/square house hybrid. At first it had seven sides, but that didn’t work so I made it eight, but I ran out of pieces before finishing the roof so I finally settled on a hexagonal design. After these pictures were taken I added an arched entranceway.

Fort Building
Fort Building
Fort Building

The best part of fort building is decorating it with my extensive collection of sari fabric! I used some of my put-a-bird-on-it clothes pins to hold the fabric to the fort frame.

Fort Building

Georgie wanted to watch what we were doing, but she also wanted and curl up in a dog bed. Hers is under my desk and doesn’t afford much of a view so she snuggled into Kichou’s instead.

Georgie in Kichou's Bed
Georgie Yawns

Fort construction supervision is exhausting work!


It’s pretty grey and depressing out today; it’s mostly cloudy and all the snow is melting and it’s drippy and gross, but at least there’s a rainbow in our fort!

Fort Building

Take a Bow

Today is a TCB* kind of day: I did up tax receipts for all my clients and paid all my bills, and I’m about to take out all the recycling and garbage and attempt to make a beef stew for the first time ever (note: the beef stew is unrelated to the garbage). I’m kind of extra-busy at work today because I agreed to watch a former client’s toddler for the day- their regular child care provider out in the suburbs has tonsillitis.

I also made the bows to stick on the ends of the Valentine Bunting on the cloud wall.

Bunting Bows

People often ask me “How did you do that???” about my various craft projects, and tend not to believe me when I tell them how easy it is. Well, this LITERALLY could not have been easier!
1. cut ribbon to whatever length you want (mine were all different lengths)
2. tie it in a bow, bunny ears-style
3. put a piece of double-stick tape on the back of the knot & stick it to whatever surface you want
VoilĂ ! Sweet satin bows which hide the raw ends of the bunting nicely.

*Taking Care of Business, durr



I haven’t been posting because I’ve been dealing with some work stuff that is just like, a total nightmare, I don’t really want to get into it but it’s making me very depressed. Suffice it to say that I just want to scrap this whole daycare thing and focus on going to the gym and painting unicorn pictures more than I ever before in my entire child care career. Also bumming me out:

rain, rain go (die) away (from me)

Some stuff that doesn’t suck:
I have these little floor mats in my foyer that I cut into cloud shapes, but they were getting really old and in some places the cloud curves were curling up from a combination of use and being chewed by certain small dogs. I’d tried to flatten them back out by ironing them but that just made a hideous reek, so I was looking at buying all new mats. LAME. Then the other night I remembered I had a bunch of circles cut from another floor mat for a project I’d planned but never actually finished, and they were the same size as the curves on the cloud mats. I cut out the damaged sections and taped the new pieces in place and voilĂ !

Repaired Foyer Cloud Mats
Repaired Foyer Cloud Mats

The new pieces are a lighter grey and I didn’t want to try to line up the grooves so I put them perpendicular to the originals, but I think they look pretty good!

Georgie Squeaking

Georgie never sucks, even though this morning she puked up a bunch of chewed floor mat pieces all over my leggings.

Sym & the Gummi Bear

Symphony and the giant gummi bear she got from the Christmas Elf’s second visit DEFINITELY don’t suck (This picture is from Saturday).

Back to Work

Farm Girls
Symphony shows the daycare girls the new toy farm.

I had to take that picture from across the room because I knew if I moved they would startle and I’d lose the moment. Children are like wild animals that way.

Since losing two clients in December, and having one client go down to one day a week I have a really easy month- just two kids on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and three on Wednesdays and Fridays. The extra Friday kid is actually leaving at the end of this month, at which point I’d be down to one full-time and three part-time. Clearly, I need to get some new kids! I had a ton last summer and fall- five or six kids most days, and while I don’t think I want to get that booked up again (it’s way too hectic!), I think I’d like to have four kids each day. With four kids I could afford to live and pay all my bills and taxes, while not going crazy from stress and overwork to the point that I shut down and stop cleaning the floors.

Down on the Farm

Today was Taylor’s last full vacation day (he has to work tomorrow night so he’ll need to get up early in the morning and go to bed in the afternoon) and for some inexplicable reason he decided to spend it at Ikea. Crazy, but who am I to argue ;)

We’d been talking about getting a desk for him, and I’d come up with an Ikea hack using some pieces from a tv stand that I’d disassembled as a desktop. We were just going to get some little shelves and legs to hold it up, but ended up going in a completely different direction! Taylor found an actual desk he liked that was on sale, so we got that in black. It was actually closer to the black-brown colour of the bookcase we already have in the office area and a little drawer unit Taylor picked out today, so I thought it’d match nicely. Except when we got home and opened the box it was the wrong colour!

The Wrong Desk

Oops! So I guess I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow: painting a desk!
Taylor also bought me a new desk chair, hooray!

New Chair

What I really went crazy on this trip was toys. I’ve been wanting to replace the crappy, chewed-up plastic toy food I have for the daycare kids, but I didn’t want to get wooden food (too expensive and easily ruin if Georgie gets ahold of it) and Ikea really came through! They had these plush food sets- breakfast, desserts, fruits and veggies– and I wanted them all, but unfortunately had some sort of a brain malfunction and forgot to buy the fruit and veggie sets! Luckily, Symphony’s grandma is going to Ikea on Tuesday so she’s going to pick them up for me.

Desserts & Breakfast

I also got this little barn:

Closed Farm

… that opens up to be a farm!

Open Farm

I also got farm vehicles and extra animals to go with it. I really like this set- I reminds me of a little house with furniture and bears my mom made me for Christmas once when I was a little kid. Of course, I probably could have made this stuff myself, but I then if the kids tried to play with them I’d be like this grumpy bull!

Surly Bull