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Popsicle Party

Popsicle Party Banner
Mint Tea Popsicle
Mint Tea Popsicles

When I was a kid my mom would sometimes give us sweet, milky mint tea for tea parties or with our afternoon snack. Even now I always put sugar and milk in mint tea, even though it’s weird to a lot of people. I find this combination also makes for a delicious & refreshingly cool iced tea, so I thought it would make a good popsicle as well!

Mint Tea Popsicles
Symmie Tries the Mint Tea Popsicle

Sym hadn’t brushed her hair or even changed out of her pajamas when we tried these on Saturday.

Mint Tea Popsicle Ingredients

• 2 peppermint tea bags
• ¹⁄₈ cup sugar
• ¹⁄₄ cup non-fat milk
• 1 cup boiling water (not pictured)

In a heat-proof mug, pour boiling water over teabags and steep for 5 to ten minutes. Remove bags and discard. Stir in sugar until fully dissolved, and allow to cool. Add milk, pour into popsicle molds, and freeze!

Mint Tea Popsicle

*note: this recipe only made seven popsicles.


Two Years

Two years ago I was lucky enough to be able to marry the handsomest, most wonderful man alive. Happy anniversary Taylor, I love you so much.

Sleepy Love

(This was before he went to work last night & he was very sleepy)
In a sort of celebration I finally put something up on the Tanie + Taylor page. Be warned, it has a billion pictures!

Some stuff I’ve been up to besides typing up that behemoth:

Ceiling Poms

Putting up more tissue paper pompoms in the naproom. I really just want to fill the whole ceiling with them. Is that crazy?

Breakfast at Tree House & Hot Chocolate

Finally framed my Breakfast at Tree House print, although I still need to find somewhere to hang it up. It’s pictured here with hot chocolate & marshmallow fluff.

Speaking of frames, check out this awesome one I bought this weekend.

New Frame
New Frame

It opens like a little cupboard! Just guess what I’m going to put in it. JUST GUESS. (If you said MICRO BUNTING give yourself a pat on the back). Other things I bought include a bulletin board for my office, pale purple paper for my next project, and new shoes (which I wore for too long on Saturday afternoon, giving myself tons of blisters, oops).

Essie Turquoise & Caicos
Turquoise Nails

Painted my nails again, Essie Turquoise & Caicos. Which I just bought. YES I BOUGHT ANOTHER NAIL POLISH WHAT OF IT. Actually I bought two. Actually Taylor bought them, so I guess I get a pass on my crazy nail polish obsession.

Now I have to go attend to a bunch of stuff, most notably this horrible laundry monster. I usually never do this, I swear, I just really didn’t want to fold sheets and towels this weekend.

Laundry Monster

It’s just the first of many things I have to do around here before the end of the week when I leave for vacation (more on that later!).

Dream Life Redux

Last spring I made a post aaaaaall about how I wanted nothing more than to move out of the city, get a house with a yard and have a baby and a bunch of fuzzy little dogs. You know, live the dream!

Georgie Kissing Me

At least I accomplished one thing off my list. Oh and yes, she’s licking my teeth in this picture.

Part of my dream-life plan was fuelled by the two cute houses I’d found, but of course they eventually both sold and it was a very sad day for everyone. I still like to browse real estate websites, but I’ve never found anything I really loved. UNTIL TODAY.




I love this, I love the huge open plan big windows vaulted ceiling everything. Oh, and did I mention it comes with a stream?


I DIE. I absolutely die. I’m creepy so I looked it up on google maps and here it is from space:


Look at all the trees and nature! And yet amazingly, it’s only 20 minutes from where I’m sitting now, in the middle of downtown. Basically it’s stunning gorgeous flawless etc and if anyone has a spare $900,000 lying around they’d like to give me so I can make this dream a reality, I wouldn’t be mad. Orrrrrr I could get this one:


Which is a little less expensive. The interior is really hideous so I won’t show it to you, but it also has a lot of awesomeness to it. No stream though :/

Blast from the Past

Raccoon Summer Party

I was looking through Taylor’s flickr for raccoon pictures yesterday and rediscovered these shots from summer 2009. There was a heat wave and this mama raccoon came out with her three babies- I guess it was too hot in their den? idk, but the babies were scampering around on my neighbor’s garage roof and the mama was just flaked out on the fence.

Raccoon Summer Party

Poor mama! Now, look at the little guy on the roof:

Raccoon Summer Party

Remind you of anyone? Like perhaps… FAT STUPID MARVIN???

Fat Stupid Marvin

A True Tale of Horror: The Clown

For Halloween, a story from the creepiest summer of my life, the summer of 1992.

One day in July, my parents went gone down to Victoria for the day leaving me in charge of my sister Zoe (14) and my brother Owen (11) at our house in the country. Zoe and I shared a bedroom upstairs. It was a huge room, about 25 feet wide and fifty feet long. The east wall had four big windows and the south wall had one, which was right by my bed. The door was also at this end of the room. The south window looked out over our driveway and the house next door, belonging to this fisherman named Tony. Being a fisherman Tony was often away for weeks at a time, and happened to be away then.

It was a Saturday and we were supposed to clean our rooms, so at around one o’clock I was lugging the vacuum cleaner up and when I went into the room I happened to glance out the window and that’s when I saw THE CLOWN. He was standing on Tony’s patio, a man in black boots, black pants, black turtleneck and black gloves, topped by a creepy clown mask- a big white rubber face with red tufty hair, red nose and a huge freaky grin. He looked like Pennywise and he was LOOKING RIGHT AT ME.


I immediately dropped to the floor and called my sister over from her end of the room- I made her walk along the west wall (no windows) and drop next to me. We peeked around the edge of the curtain and there he was, THE CLOWN, LOOKING RIGHT AT US. We were like HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK. We ran downstairs and locked all the doors and grabbed my little brother, making him come back upstairs with us. I guess we should have called the police but instead we spent the rest of the afternoon up in the bedroom, staying away from the windows. We didn’t see the clown again and when my parents got home (before dark, thank god) and we told them what we’d seen, they went over to Tony’s house but didn’t find any signs of forced entry, and when he came home a few weeks later he never said anything about a break in. Our parents thought Zoe and I had imagined the whole thing but we know THE CLOWN was real.

True Tales: I was a Fourth* Grade Bear

*this might have actually happened in third grade, I don’t exactly remember

One year, they closed the woods at the elementary school.

I grew up in the country, and went to a small school of only a hundred students, K-5. After I grew up and moved away it was closed due to being constructed basically entirely from asbestos, but later reopened as a Christian school. I guess faith in the Lord protects your children from assorted cancers or something? WHO KNOWS.

Anyway, behind the school was the sports field, and to the north of the field was The Woods. Most of the woods wasn’t on school property, but we were allowed to play in the fringes of it, provided we didn’t go any further than the white and/or yellow lines painted on the trees. Past the lines was Out Of Bounds, and if you went Out Of Bounds, you’d be in Big Trouble. Of course, that didn’t stop the boys from exploring the untamed wilderness past the lines, and one rainy lunch hour, it didn’t stop me either.

I’m not sure exactly what game the girls were playing that I was so disinterested in that I snuck off by myself. Probably something about pretending to be horses. Whatever the reason (and it could have just been that I was a weird, socially awkward kid), I toggled up my navy blue duffel coat and when no one was looking, slipped into the Out Of Bounds.

There were kind-of trails through this part of the woods, but the huckleberry bushes and ferns grew close on either side. I kept my hood up against the rain and also to protect my identity in case I met anyone else out there. I was walking along with my thoughts when I suddenly came face to face with a group of boys from my class. I looked at them, they looked at me, and we all turned on our tails and ran off in opposite directions. I rushed out of the woods and joined in the horse game with the other girls, and watched furtively as the boys burst out of the trees and ran straight to a teacher, waving their arms and yelling. Oh. Crap.

That afternoon we were all called down to the gymnasium for a special assembly. I couldn’t believe it- they boys had ratted me out and I was about to get in trouble in front of the entire school! I had never been in trouble before, never had a detention or even had my name written on the board. This was going to be humiliating!

We all sat cross-legged on the floor and our principal, a short woman who resembled a chicken, stood up in front of us all and announced that ALL of the woods would be off limits for playing in until further notice, because some boys had seen something in the trees. Something scary. Something dangerous.

The boys had seen… a bear.

A bear! Everyone started whispering to their friends and discussing the horror of a bear in OUR woods, while I tried to hold in my laughter. Out of all these people I was the only one who knew the truth- there was no bear. There was only a skinny blonde eight**-year-old girl with a hand-me-down navy blue duffel coat. Of course, there was no way I was going to admit that I was the bear. I would have gotten in trouble for being Out Of Bounds, and besides, being mistaken for a bear wasn’t exactly flattering. I kept my secret to myself, and everyone in the school suffered through several weeks of woods-free lunch hours until the threat of the bear was perceived to have passed.

**I know 4th graders are usually nine but I skipped a grade.