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Happy Valentine’s Daughter

This morning Sym finished up all the Valentine cards she made for her classmates- I stupidly didn’t take any pictures of them but happily, she made one for me too :D

Valentine from Sym

We were going to get red envelopes but they were sold out which is good I love these little gold ones!

Valentine from Sym
Valentine from Sym

BEE my Valentine, get it? And here is the shirt I got her:

Valentine Sym

Taylor actually picked it, I think because the little dog looks like a Georgie/Kichou hybrid.

Valentine Sym (with Ali)
Valentine Sym (with Ali)

Since there’s no school today her friend Ali came over to play, and they’re currently holed up in her room with a bunch of candy and Nintendo DSes

Taylor and I didn’t get each other gifts or cards or anything, but we did get this KEYTAR DOG.

Keytar Dog

Valentine’s Brunch

I totally slacked on blogging about my weekend yesterday and now I have TOO MUCH to blog about. So before I talk about the weekend, let’s talk about today. First of all, I have a SURPRISE long weekend- both the kids I had scheduled for today are sick. Now, I’m not happy that my two little friends aren’t feeling well, but let’s be real: DAY OFF YAY!!!! Sym also has the day off and Since Taylor was home at a reasonable hour we decided to make a yummy brunch.

Our first thought was pancakes, because who doesn’t love pancakes? Then I thought maybe French toast, and THEN I thought maybe we should make Nutella sandwiches and use them for the French toast. Then when I was at the store buying eggs I figured I’d get a bunch of berries to put on the Nutella sandwich French toast and then I figured I’d poach the berries. Then I thought we should have powdered sugar on them, but I also thought I should grind up some red sprinkles to make pink sugar as well. I KNOW, SO MANY GOOD IDEAS!

Nutella French Toast with Powdered Sugar, Poached Berries & Syrup
A Man Who Cooks

We’re out of regular salt so Taylor was trying to grind up enough pink Himalayan salt for the French toast mixture. Pink salt is more Valentiney, right?

Berries: Black, Blue and Straw

Strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, ready for poaching. I think I had about 2 or 3 cups of berries here, and I poached them in like, six cups of water & 1½ cups of sugar. We didn’t end up finishing them so the leftovers are being frozen for future use in oatmeal.

Nutella Sandwiches for French Toasting

Nutella on sesame white bread, so classy. We cut them into triangles so we could fit them all into the pans at one time.

Pink & White Sugar

My assorted sugars. I ground up the red sprinkles with a mortar and pestle (a Christmas gift from my MILs) and sifted the powdered sugar through half a teaball so I didn’t dirty my large sifter.


Taylor adding some egg mix to the toast while the berries simmer.

Brunch Time!

Pretty much the most delicious thing ever. Now, regular French toast is pretty great, but by using Nutella sandwiches instead of plain bread and throwing some poached berries on them we made this brunch SPECTACULAR!

I ❤ Bunting

Paper Hearts

I killed my hands punching out all this confetti from paper scraps

This year I’m determined not to let the holiday funk stop me from getting all crazy with the decorating (pls see: the Halloween funk I pulled myself out of at the last minute, and the Christmas funk I didn’t). Last year I didn’t put up any Valentine’s Day decorations- I kept putting it off and eventually it was too close to the actual day to bother. To prevent this I decided to start early, and what better way to start than with one of my favorite crafts: paper bunting!

Valentine Bunting Supplies

I already had red & white flags leftover from Christmas, and Sym and I had light & bright pink paper, so I was all set- or so I thought. I have this ENDLESS roll of 3/4″ black satin ribbon I use for all my ribbon-related projects, and it’s absolutely vanished. After tearing the house apart looking for it I gave up and went to Room In Order where I got some 1 1/2″ antique gold ribbon– on sale 50% off! It was the only colour they had left but I actually really how it looks.

Ironing Ribbon for Valentine Bunting

Of course, it was too wide for bunting so I ended up folding & ironing it in half- all ten yards of it, argh.

Ribbon for Valentine Bunting

This was really tedious BUT I think it saved me time in the long run- instead of having to cut individual pieces of tape for each flag I just put one long piece inside the folded ribbon and stuck the flags in.

Valentine Bunting

I made four 25″ strips for the window next to the front door and three 45″ strips for the cloud wall. I think I’m going to make some gold bows to stick on the ends of these (they look a little raggedy) but I’ll need to go back to get another roll of non-ironed ribbon for that.

Valentine Bunting
Valentine Bunting

I have more ironed ribbon and paper flags left, so I might make more Valentine bunting, or I might save them for other holidays: the light pink with other pastels for Easter, the red and white for Canada Day, etc. In the meantime I need to figure out what I’m going to do with that confetti!