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Colour Challenge

Colour Challenge Header

I think I’m getting the hang of this wearing colours thing!

Our Tourist Pic

June 30th, 2011: brown plaid western shirt, vintage & Taylor’s.


July 1st, 2011: red plaid western shirt, Diesel, also Taylor’s; teal bag, Kinies.

Best Dress

July 2nd, 2011: chevron striped dress, Forever 21. I got tons of compliments on this dress. Okay, two. I got two compliments.


Colour Challenge

Colour Challenge Header

I told you you’d be seeing this pic again!

Me @ the Beach

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011
colourful clothing item: floral blouse, Zara

Georgie on my Butt @ Sunset Beach Park

Sunday, June 26th, 2011
colourful clothing item: wavy stripe bikini, Victoria’s secret

Colour Challenge

Colour Challenge Header

Clearly, I’ve been really sucking at making these posts. I swear I HAVE been wearing colourful clothes, I just haven’t been taking pictures. But now that I’ve taken the time to make a sweet header for these posts OBVIOUSLY that is going to change.

Orange Skirt
Orange Skirt

Sunday, June 12, 2011
colourful clothing item: orange maxi skirt, Zara

Another thing I need to do is take outfit pictures with my REAL camera, and also possibly during the day when there is light. Now that Taylor has organized all his camera equipment in such a way that I can get at his tripod without knocked a ton of stuff down on my head that should be doable. Realistically I should just be able to ask him to take pictures for me using all his fancy camera equipment but for some reason I always look like a C.H.U.D. when he photographs me. I BLAME HIM.

Colour Challenge

I know it seems like I haven’t been keeping up with this whole wear-one-coloured-clothing-item-a-week thing, but I swear I totally am. I just haven’t been taking pictures because it’s like HERE’S ME IN SWEATPANTS AND A PURPLE TANK TOP! and that’s not exciting. I still don’t have many coloured clothes and I had to spend a big portion of my shopping budget on new jeans (and as we all know, denim is a neutral). HOWEVER. I went shopping with my friend Carleigh today and got two new shirts, both button downs, both INSANE, like clothes a crazy person would wear.

Colour Challenge Sweet Floral Blouse

This one is from Zara and it’s enormous and it has pockets, like pockets nt he sides for you to put your hands in. It’s super light and summer-y and I can’t wait until it’s summery out enough to wear it with some ratty old cutoffs like it’s meant to be (note to self: acquire ratty old cutoffs).

Mt other shirt is even crazier but I’m not going to show it until I actually wear. It’s also worth noting that the whole time we were shopping, everything I tried on was brightly coloured, except a grey tank top with a kind of Southwestern-looking geometric pattern in rainbow colours and a black coat, which I only tried on because the only other colour it came in was yellow, which I think looked weird with my blonde hair. Anyway I didn’t buy either of them.

Colour Challenge

Since there aren’t any pictures of my outfit from Jaime’s wedding, here’s a video! Sym would only dance with me if I held her hands the whole time- at the end I let go and she just stands there, and I’m like “WHAT??!!”

Saturday, April 23rd
shirt, misappropriated from Taylor
skirt, Zara
shoes, the Gap

Colour Challenge


Right now we’re on our way to Kelowna for Taylor’s sister’s wedding. I added this little pink & red vintage scarf to my boring travel outfit for a mini-version of a colour challenge. You can’t tell, but it has koi fish on it.



In the morning, while painting my disaster nails, Symphony and I worked on a bunch of crafts. She made some perler beads and worked on some more Harry Potter felt flatties, and I started making a letter garland for her room (She asked for her name flanked by unicorns).

Saturday Crafts

In the afternoon I had my hair appointment and Sym took the opportunity to play with my camera- she was particularly interested in this sink full of bubbles.

Bubbles (by Sym)
Bubbles (by Sym)
Self-Portrait (by Sym)

She took some self-portraits too, I had to crop this one because I had a bunch of brassieres haning to dry in the bathroom and I didn’t think the internet heeded to see that, haha.

My hair appointment was a success; my stylist didn’t give me grief for colouring and cutting my own hair (she even said I did a “pretty good” job on my bangs), and in addition to doing my highlights she also recoloured my blue, pink and purple streaks. The best part:

No Roots!

No more roots! The last time I had my highlights done was the end of January, so they were definitely due.

After my appointment I took Georgie down to the Emery Barnes dogpark, and after a series of increasingly irritated texts, voicemails and emails I managed to get Taylor to bring Kichou down as well. It took him a while to get back to me because he was playing Xbox with his headphones on for EIGHT HOURS and didn’t notice his phone ringing until it vibrated off his desk and fell on the floor.

Originally we were going to go out and see Source Code that evening, but I wasn’t really up for going out (apparently sitting for three hours getting your hair done is somehow exhausting? idek) so instead we went and had some dinner at Kadoya (Taylor got this weird bacon roll) and then watched Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure at home.


We woke up pretty early on Sunday and I decided we should take the dogs for a big walk. Unfortunately the Sun Run was going on, so we were cut off from the beach and it took me quite a while to figure out how to get around the runners. After our walk we went for brunch, and then even though it was sunny and gorgeous and a totally inappropriate day to be inside all afternoon, I’d promised Taylor we could finally go see Source Code. It was good, but I still kind of wish I’d been outside.

I did manage to convince Taylor to go to Art Knapp’s Urban Garden, the only nursery downtown with me so I could get some plants for my garden. Well, more like “garden.” It’s this space behind my house that is always all overgrown with horrible weeds (one of which I’m allergic to), hat I always SAY I’m going to make into a garden but I never do. Well, while we were away Sym’s stepmom cleared it all out for me so now I HAVE to plant something back there. Right now it’s not very lovely.

My "Garden"
Bulbs & Plants & Such

So far a just have some hosta bulbs and a little hydrangea (also pictured: an asparagus fern I’m going to use in a terrarium), but soon I’m going to buy some ferns, and my neighbor is giving me some fuchsias. I also found a hanging patio chair at Urban Barn that I’m dying to buy. I’ve wanted one for about ever and the only ones I’ve found have all been like, $1,000, but this one is only $500. AMAZING. I hope I can get it!


And if it all comes together the way I want…


DREAM BIG, ME. Anyway, that was my weekend, I hope you all had a good one too! Now it’s back to work. I’m really busy this week, but luckily it’s a short one (Good Friday and all).

Monday Georgie