A Brief Bio

I’m Tanie, it sounds like Annie but with a T on the front. I’m in my late early 30s and I live in Vancouver, BC, with my husband Taylor and my daughter Symphony, as well as a diabetic cat and two and a half dogs. I operate a licensed family child care out of my home and enjoy reading, internetting and arts & crafts.

Also, just so everyone knows, when I link to stuff on Amazon (books, movies, doughnut machines) it’s through the Amazon.com Affiliates program, so if you click on my links and buy something I might earn a sweet nickel.

Family Portrait, Cornoween 2009
Halloween Aught 9


5 responses to “A Brief Bio

  1. aren’t you “neat”
    i like your style
    not the shirts inthis pic so much
    but i like that light behind you
    and your kid room is delicious!

  2. Adorable costumes :)

    I came across your blog via the saucy dwellings community on lj and have really been enjoying it. Your craft and home projects are inspirational – so many of them are exactly the sorts of things I want to do but never manage to pull together.

    My boyfriend has a 10-year-old daughter from a previous relationship; because I don’t have kids and have limited experience with blended families, I am always interested to see how others manage in similar situations. It seems like you, Symphony, and your ex have things figured out!

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