Things to Eat This Week

I went to the farmer’s market on Saturday for the first time in a couple of weeks, and stocked up on some of my favourite things.

Farmer's Market Haul, August 13th

l-r: smoky tomato chipotle humus; raspberries: orange and yellow tomatoes; honey sticks for Sym; sweet chili lime humus; mint; onion; black bean humus; garlic; purple bell peppers; blackberries

Taylor and I already ate the tomato and bean humuses, oops. A lot of this stuff I’m planning to use to make some fresh salsa, although I kind of wish I could have gotten green tomatoes instead of orange and yellow; I made purple and green salsa one time and it was awesome.

Today I got my weekly order from SPUD, I am really loving this service!

Spud Order, August 16th

clockwise from top left: this crazy dark green rinded watermelon; spinach; extreme purple smoothie; raspberry lemonade (this was supposed to be REGULAR lemonade but I’m not super mad); skim milk (three liters is the exact perfect amount); chocolate chip waffles; a sour cherry pie; more tomatoes; peaches, apples; purple potatoes!; cherries
All of these were grown/produced locally- even the watermelon! I know, crazy! Okay, the service considers anything in a day’s driving distance as “local” so it’s from Washington state, but that still closer than California or Mexico! The average travel distance for my whole order was 8km; I’m gonna win that ~local hero~ prize yet!


4 responses to “Things to Eat This Week

  1. That watermelon looks like a scary cannonball

  2. Hooray for rainbows!

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