And the Winner Is…

I want to thank everyone who entered my giveaway. In my mind you are all winners. Except there’s only one ACTUAL winner, and that winner (generated by the random number generator on is….

And the Winner Is



I guess you’ve got some deciding to do :) To everyone else, thank you so much and remember, you can still order your own banner at a discount by using the code UNICORN15

note: I started the numbers at 3 instead of 1 because the first two comments on the post weren’t entries.


9 responses to “And the Winner Is…

  1. Erin joins an illustrious hall of winners…currently populated by only me, but that’s fine.

  2. ahh– congrats, erin!

    but i will be purchasing mine soon– how long does the discount stand?

  3. i’m so excited!!! i’ll message you later on today after i brainstorm but i think i’m getting mischief managed after i convince my bf (and i’ll pay for the extra letters) to let me hang it over our bed. best thing ever to wake up to, thanks tanie!


    …except for that time I won plane tickets. and that time I won a peacoat. and that time I won a lip balm. but this banner matters more than ALL OF THOSE

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