Donuts of the Day

Donuts of the Day
Chocolate Chip Cookie Donuts
Chocolate Chip Cookie Donuts

These donuts were an idea I’d had for a while, but as far as experimental foods go, they weren’t my best.

To make the cookie dough into a thinner batter that I could pipe into the donut machine I adjusted the recipe to use less flour and more milk. I also used mini chocolate chips instead of full-sized ones, but I still ran into some problems.

Even with the mini-chips and the thinned batter, I was unable to use my regular piping bag and decorating tip, instead I had to put the batter in a ziploc bag and snip the corner, which made piping the batter into the machine a bit tricky (thin plastic + hot metal = bad idea). Also, the batter thickened up quite a bit between batches and was hard to pipe properly, which led to some pretty epic overfilling in the early batches.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Donuts

Left donut: first batch; right donut, third batch. I used kitchen scissors to trim the overflow off and was able to salvage all the donuts.

The biggest problem with these was the texture; you know how when you bake cookies they tend to get darkest and crispest on the bottom? Well, these are darkest and crispest all around. This is because the donut machine has heated plates on the top and the bottom, and I don’t know why I didn’t realize this before hand.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Donuts

In spite of these problems they were still a big hit with my key demographic.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Donuts

Sym loved them! And last night Taylor was having coffee (can I just say that I HATE how he has coffee when he wakes up in the evening? It smells so good that I want some but can’t have any!) and realized these donuts’ true potential.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Donuts

A perfect pairing!


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