I wanted to post this sooner but SOMEONE takes eight thousand years to upload pictures.
How Taylor and I spent our nation’s birthday:

Kelly, the Jellybeans

He bought me french vanilla, apple and pomegranate jellybeans.

Canadian Husband

This is the only picture I managed to get of Taylor in his outer layer of Canada Day regalia, aka a Team Canada jersey. It turned out really warm so he stripped down to his inner Canadian layer, a CBC t-shirt.

Canadian Husband

In addition to my super sweet nails I wore a red shirt of Taylor’s and my denim jacket with some jean shorts. That’s right, a Canadian tuxedo. I totally rocked it, too.


We spent most of the day doing our regular day off things- brunch, shopping, dog park and watching tv.

Devil Dog

Georgie got very grubby at the park and needed a bath. When she’s all wet her nefarious evil really shows.


We finished the day watching the fireworks from beside the Olympic cauldron, which is now a fountain. It was a true Vancouver moment, from the crazy guy in the fountain gathering up all the coins to the group of drunken international students next to us talking in like, four different languages. Such is the mosaic, amirite, Canadians?


One response to “Canadia!

  1. CANADIAN TUXEDO. You slay me, Tanie! That made my day pretty damn awesome.

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