What I’ve Been Reading


St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves; Daddy-Long-Legs; Dear Enemy

a full list of all this year’s books can always be found here, and as always, book links are usually to Amazon, and clicking on them might earn me a nickel.


8 responses to “What I’ve Been Reading

  1. What did you think about Eating Animals? I loved both of Jonathan Safran Foer’s novels and also thought Eating Animals was terrific.

  2. I found my V.C. Andrews book, Ruby, and re-read it and thought of you. I cant find any other Landry books, booo

    • When Taylor moved in I needed to make room for his things & books so I GOT RID of ALL my VC Andrews books. I HAVE SINCE HAD CAUSE TO REGRET THIS.

  3. Love both Daddy Long Legs and Dear Enemy! Both such wonderful books.

    • I read DLL a BILLION times when I was a kid, but I’d never read Dear Enemy before. Some of the eugenics stuff in it made me O__O but I guess it was a different time in 1915.

      • Yeah, you have to read it with a grain of salt and forgive a few things, but I think it’s a really nice sequel

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