Manicure Tuesday-is-the-New-Monday

Yesterday was a holiday, so today is my Monday!

Blue & Blue Glitter

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Blue Me Away! + Winwax blue-green glitter
Last week I snapped half my nails off to little nubs and had to cut them all super short, boo. Anyway this manicure is pretty meh, I didn’t feel like fighting with the glitter because I knew it would take forever to dry/get wrecked in a minute so I kind of just gave up. I swear my next set of nails will be more interesting!


12 responses to “Manicure Tuesday-is-the-New-Monday

  1. I dunno, I think they’re pretty cute! I gave up on nails longer than my fingertips years ago. Everytime I’d grow them I would immediately snap one off. Plus they made flute playing awkward, I guess.

    What are you up to this weekend?

    • idk yet. When did you want to get the Sailor Moons? If you are around tomorrow Taylor will be home & awake at like, 9:15am lol.

      • Lol. I wish I had seen this yesterday, as I was at my friend’s house all night and then didn’t get back home until now.

        You pick any time that works besides back in time and I shall make it happen. I’m so sorry about poor poor Claire…..and you need to eat a sandwich or something. Don’t forget to eat too much!

      • Does tomorrow sometime work for you? Or is there too much going on? Either way, no worry worry.

      • lol I just saw this! I’m kind of busy today, does anytime this week work for you?

      • Tomorrow or Tuesday!

      • Can you come in the morning? Like 9:30-10-ish? That’s the only time I can guarantee Taylor will be home/awake.

      • I understand the woes of night-shifts and day-sleepings! That’s fine with me, you just pick which day. I am super stoked and it will be nice to say “farewell” until the next time I am back in Van!

      • Tuesday?

      • Done!

  2. wow Tanie! you’re what they call Arteest?
    but I do spy a dab of blu on yer thumb!
    call me ok?

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