Glitter Giveaway


Hey internet! idk if you’ve been keeping up with my etsy, but I’ve started making some pretty fantastic glittery message bunting/garland/signs/what-have-you. It’s fun to make and pretty to look at and I’m going to share the “look at” part with you FOR FREE.

That’s right, I’m giving away a custom glitter garland to one lucky reader. You could get a name, a message, swear words, anything goes! I could also make shapes like hearts and stars and maybe even unicorns. MAYBE EVEN UNICORNS YOU GUYS. You also have your choice of nine excellent glitter colours.


All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post saying what you’d want your sign to say- to keep this within reason let’s keep it to messages of twelve letters/shapes or less. For additional entries you can tweet or blog about it and then leave a second/third comment providing me with a link to your tweet or post. Here’s a fun sample text you can use:

I entered to win a custom glitter garland from @taniewanie from aka the best blog giveaway of the year!

(For blog posts I would leave out the @taniewanie and just say Tanie instead.) This giveaway is open to everyone IN THE WORLD, so non-North Americans don’t feel left out. Entries will be accepted until 11pm PST on Monday, May 23rd and the winner will be announced Tuesday morning. And remember, if you don’t win or want a longer message, you can always order custom glitter garland here.

I wish I had a picture of a “Good Luck!” glitter garland to close this post but I haven’t made one yet. So I’ll just say it. GOOD LUCK!!


56 responses to “Glitter Giveaway

  1. i’d like it to say “riots not diets” but that’s 13 characters. so maybe “fuck this shit” instead? because that is perfectly 12 characters.


    I’m going to go with predictability and say I would want it to say “Mary Rebecca”..with POSSIBLE UNICORNS!!

    I’m so tweeting this shiz

  3. Ooo, I think your banners are so adorable! I’d like one that said “Autumn” to go in my daughter’s room.

  4. oh what!? i want one!! i have no idea what it should say. i think “I RULE” would be PERFECTION

  5. I so want one to hang in my office that says
    in violet glitter!

  6. “pizza time!” in gold wpuld be a fitting addition to the dining room.

    i’m excited to see other ideas in entries, too!

  7. AAAHHH!!! I’ve been looking for this type of thing forever!

    Consider this my entry!

    I would love my to say “HEEBIE JEEBIES” in multicolored letters.

    Best ever. Seriously.


  9. I would love a diamond or silver one that says ‘hello darling’, which is exactly 12 letters. I guess that means I can’t have any hearts. :/
    I’d have to hang it underneath the rainbow bunting I was supposed to use for my nephew…

  10. Reading Rocks! in Emerald for my 4th grade library

  11. Entry on our class blog that we started this morning :)

  12. I’d definitely want “Just Married” so I could put it up when we finally get married! >:) It would be the perfect accessory at our BBQ or to hang over our fireplace. In gold ofc.

  13. omg. i’d want one that says YOOOOUK! in red or sapphire. probably red. my boyfriend would diiiie.

  14. juliefargo Julie Fargo
    I entered to win a custom glitter garland from @taniewanie from aka the best blog giveaway of the year!
    8 minutes ago Favorite Reply Delete!/juliefargo

  15. love these! i’d love one that says “party on” in gold!

  16. Sweet Dreams in pink! With a star or unicorn thrown in for good measure.

  17. “get real”


  19. “Like A Boss” with the unicorns (if they count as letters) in Sapphire would be what I would want!

  20. I’m thinking HYPHEN QUEEN punctuated with whatever stars, hearts, and/or unicorns you deem appropriate. I’d hang it up at work.

    PS it should go without saying that it would be RAINBOW

  21. i want “deal with it” with unicorns or hearts in between the words! in pink!

  22. ahh i love these.

    id want one that said “wild and free” in sapphire

  23. I’d want one that says SPAAAACE in black with gold stars.

  24. I would love one that said “Violet” with stars & maybe even unicorns on either side, in the color Violet! I would give it as a gift to my 3 year old niece who, of course, is named Violet. She loves all things glitter haha.

  25. I would want one that says “You Got This!” Poor grammar aside, it’s something my husband and my best guy friend both say to me when I get overwhelmed by a task. I would hang it in my office/studio.

  26. Posted on twitter.

  27. “harris rocks” in silver :)

  28. Either Queen B or Annamal.

  29. colleenproudlove

    Pink “Fuck The Police”. I know this is thirteen letters but it’s pretty awesome, like Tani….

  30. I would get one for my classroom that says “I Love To Read” in ruby, sapphire and emerald.

  31. Tweet

  32. No freaking way! I’d like mine to say SHITBALLS in black glitter.


    and if i were to win, i would want it to say ARKANSASSY.

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  35. oooo. i would want ‘jorna’, to put on the door.


  36. i would want fuck you in pink!

  37. i’ma copy ashlee and say “wild and free” in violet! so damn cute.

  38. dream on in violet. tanie these are too cute.

  39. guhh i don’t think that worked here’s my twitter

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