A Tale of Two Desks

Tiny Triangle Organization

One thing that’s always annoyed for me is that I didn’t really have anywhere to do my crafts. I mean, I did have places to work on them; I was always covering the kitchen island, the dining table, the daycare kids’ dining table, and basically any surface I could find with my projects. The problem was whenever I needed to cook or eat or serve food I’d have to clear those surfaces off. There was never anywhere for me to just leave my stuff out.


A couple of weekends ago I rearranged my side of the “office,” and using a little drawer unit I picked up at Ikea on Easter and parts of Sym’s old desk (which was also my desk for a while, before I refinished Old Yeller) I made myself a little craft table that fits in right next to my computer desk.
left side:

Old Desk

right side:

New Desk

Awesome, right? I just need to get one of those plastic carpet protectors for rolling chairs so I can just roll from one desk to the other. I’ll be able to glide seamlessly from internetting to crafting. Living the dream, over here. Although the real best part is I no longer have to pack my projects away before they’re done, I can just leave them on the desk. This is especially nice for when I’m making oh idk, stuff out of tiny pieces of paper that tend to blow around when you move your work surface.

Ready to craft!
New Paper

I got a whole bunch of new paper on the weekend so I’m kind of re-inspired to start making micro bunting again.

Too Many Bunting

… because I need more of that. I’ve had all these micro buntings up on this magnet board for a while, but it was just propped up on a shelf and kept falling over and smashing stuff, so when I rearranged the room I put it up beside the window.

Office Corner

I’ve also started using mini-clothespins to put pictures up on the bamboo roller blind over my computer desk. This is the newspaper Sym made me for Mother’s Day.

World's Best Mom

And I put this corkboard up over my craft table. It was cheap and ugly, but I painted the frame to match my yellow desk and stuck all my message garlands up, along with some fairytale creature silly bands Sym gave me.

I Need These

lol I know these are so cheesy but they actually make me feel better when I’m having a stressful day, like yesterday when I smashed a table into my face, splattered spaghetti sauce all over myself, stuck my hand in vomit, and got a handful of hair torn out.

It’s so nice and organized in here now! I love it. Well, my side is at least. Taylor’s side is another story.


10 responses to “A Tale of Two Desks

  1. If you get it from my Staples when I am there I save 15% if I get it for you

  2. Sym’s drawing style is super cute!
    I’m currently working on my creative space. I have an entire room, but it seems to just get designated as the “junk room” because I have yet to get it efficiently organized. This is inspirational.

    Also, totally off topic, but I just got my friend this shirt for his birthday and I thought it might amuse you.


    • I’m lucky (???) because my office is part of the living room (open plan apartment) so it can’t be too junk room-y or I get in trouble from the health authority. WOW YES I’M SO LUCKY.

      I’ve seen that shirt before, it’s funny!

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