What I’ve Been Reading: Toddler Edition

Who's in the Forest?

Who’s in the Forest (large format board book), written by Phillis Gershator & illustrated by Jill McDonald

Who's in the Forest?

This book is a big hit with the kids; rhyming books generally are, and the simple rhymes and repeated words and phrases make it easy for them to follow along. The cutouts make story time funner, since the kids always want to see which animal is peeking through and what they’re doing on the next page. The illustrations are bright, friendly and cheerful, and after we read it they always want to go through the book and show me the animals they like the best, or count how many of each animal there are.

Who's in the Forest?

I like the large format; the book is 8½” square, which made it easier to read with the kids (reading little books involves lots of shoving each other to be able to see the pictures). The construction is sturdy and has held up well; this book has been out on the shelf for over a month and in spite of being fought over, stepped on, and drooled on almost every day it shows remarkably little sign of wear and tear. I took pictures of my actual copy for this post and you can see it still looks great! This book is definitely going to be a favourite around here for a long time.

I received a copy of this book from Barefoot Books in exchange for my review.


One response to “What I’ve Been Reading: Toddler Edition

  1. A little bird told me that there are more Who’s in the… books in the works, so stay tuned! I’m glad y’all enjoyed it!

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