Sick Day/Recipes for Twelve Mandarins

I mentioned yesterday that Sym was home sick from school, and today she’s even worse. Hot, col, feverish, tired, and definitely not well enough to go to her dad’s tonight. Poor little sweetie :(

Sick Sleeping Symmie

She was feeling especially terrible this afternoon, so I made her a little snack- toast triangles (toast is better in triangle form) and fresh-squeezed mandarin orange juice.

Toast & Juice
Mandarin Orange Juice

Mandarin Orange Juice
• 6 mandarins

Squeeze the juice from mandarins; strain through a fine sieve to remove seeds and pulp.

In case you were wondering, mandarins are a huge hassle to juice- the peel is thin and tears easily, and after straining out the seeds and pulp you aren’t left with much juice. BUT it’s super delicious and has restorative powers!

Sick Symmie
Comfort Dogs

(Dogs help too.)

mandarins used: 6; mandarins remaining 4

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