Recipes for Twelve Lemons- Playoff Hockey Edition


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Why twelve lemons?

Eight Lemons

previous recipes: lemonade, lemon cookies, lemon chicken, and strawberry lemonade, candied lemon slices

I need a drink, so I made this, The Roger Collins. It’s like a Tom Collins, except I named it after everyone’s favorite Robert Redford-lookalike English teacher-slash-student newspaper advisor from Sweet Valley High.

Roger Collins

• 1 lemon
• 1 tsp sugar
• 2 oz Hendrick’s gin
• ice
• club soda

Juice one lemon and strain the seeds and pulp. Mix the strained lemon juice with sugar and gin; pour over ice in a rocks glass (I know a collins glass would be more appropriate but I don’t have any? Weird. TIME TO SHOP!). Top with club soda and clutch in your white-knuckled game seven hand.

Stressed Out Hockey Fans

lemons used: 1; lemons remaining: 1


7 responses to “Recipes for Twelve Lemons- Playoff Hockey Edition

  1. Taylor looks way too calm for someone who is actually watching this game! ^_^

    • He was in a stress-induced fugue state. We don’t even have cable hooked up in the living room, we have to listen to the game on the radio, which is WAY WORSE.

      • That sounds AWFUL! I bet it’s insane in Vancouver now!

      • It’s totally nerve-wracking!

        I was actually out walking the dogs when we won, and it was totally silent and then my whole neighborhood suddenly erupted. Dougal was pooping in front of a house and the women who live there all ran out on the porch screaming and I was like DID WE WIN? DID WE WIN???? and they were like YEAH!! and then I started screaming too.

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