Sym in Vintage

Amy sent this vintage Izod Lacoste sweater home to me for Sym, I wasn’t sure if it would fit but it’s great! Thanks, Amy :) Sym is even kind of channeling you in this pic, haha.

Symmie in Izod

9 responses to “Sym in Vintage

  1. Your kid looks great in everything!

  2. she looks really cute. i like her pants.

  3. *single tear*

    • She’s making the same face you are making in the picture Taylor took of us at the Grizzlies game.

      • I know. That’s been my signature face since I was knee high to a pig’s eye. When you’re in the hospital after your trailer blows up (from faulty wiring) I’ll smack her over the head and make sure she doesn’t drop out of the pageant. <3

      • I’m the one who knows how Jiffy Pop feels!

  4. I know who the winner is! She has the prettiest baby.

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