Wednesday Evening

Tonight we went to what I THOUGHT was parent-teacher night at Sym’s school, but really it was just Sym showing us (her dad and me) all the stuff the kids in her class (and the neighboring classes) have been working on. Parent-teacher meeting about Sym are always pointless anyway- she behaves and gets good grades, OH NO. I remember one year the “action plan” her teacher came up with for her was “keep doing everything you’ve already been doing exactly the same.” So I guess I shouldn’t complain!

Signs of Early Spring

spring is popping out all over the place

Anyway. Afterwards Sym and I ran some little errands and bought silly things, like tiny stuffed dogs and unicorns, the indie-rock colouring book for Taylor, and some supplies for a new project I want to start work on.


it’s for a surprise

By the time we got home it was too late to cook a real meal, so we had milk and alphaghettis instead.

Sym at Dinner

she wouldn’t take off my Ylaine Neverending Circle scarf

Sym practiced her piano and we read the last chapter of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and then it was (late) bedtime for Symmies. Taylor is still sleeping after a 12½ hour shift today so now it’s just me & this little fuzz, who missed us terribly while we were out.


fuzzy of constant sorrow

OH WAIT Taylor just woke up yay! Husband time :)


6 responses to “Wednesday Evening

  1. Good for Symphony for practicing! I think it’s awesome she’s got a musical pursuit. I think she should sing, too! ;)

  2. Sym is sofa king adorbs. I love that she loves the scarf (and I love her Hello Kitty shirt…I want one).

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