Symphony’s Weekend

She made felt flatties of Crabbe & Goyle for her friend Stasi.

Crabbe & Goyle Felt Flatties

She had her final Swim Kids 1 class and did so well she not only passed, she also passed Swim Kids 2! I’m so thrilled at how well she did, her instructor was really great and I think the inadvertent private lessons (no one else signed up for her class) really helped.

Super Swim Kid

When she was taking down her fort on Saturday she stabbed herself in the eye with one of the sticks and now it’s all bloody and gross. No pictures because she’s embarrassed about it and has been wearing her hair over her eye, like a tiny Veronica Lake.

Symphony as Veronica Lake

2 responses to “Symphony’s Weekend

  1. Fitting choice of felties, I am just finishing rereading all my Harry Potters and watched all the movies last week!

    Poor Symmie

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