Fifteen Again

Crazy colours in my hair? Check

Hair Did

Black nail polish? Check

Nails Did

Cutting my own bangs? DOUBLE CHECK.


I think I’m having some kind of mid-thirties crisis O___O


24 responses to “Fifteen Again

  1. No bangs to full bangs? It looks SO GOOD! I could never cut my own hair so well!!

  2. oh shiiiii…

    tanie, you always talk about how you have to convince yourself NOT to cut your bangs. it looks adorable, however!

    also, i think i’m going to copy your rainbow hair. any tips?

    • It’s because everyone always tells me I’ll look bad with bangs!

      here’s what I did for the rainbow hair:

      1. sectioned off the area I wanted to dye and tied the rest of my hair into a weird side ponytail
      2. divided that section into four smaller sections, to which I applied bleach with a tint brush and then wrapped in foil (to stop the bleach from getting on the rest of my hair)
      3. after about 20-25 minutes, I rinsed & shampooed the bleach out & dried the bleached section
      4. divided the bleached section into 3 sections: front, back and middle
      5. I applied the pink dye with a tint brush to back section and wrapped it in foil, then applied blue to the front section and wrapped it in foil. I wanted the middle section to be purple, so I applied pink AND blue dye, and smushed them together (although you could also mix the colours in a bowl) and then wrapped that one in foil.
      5. after 35-45 minutes I rinsed out the colour until the water ran clear and blowdried my hair like normal

  3. SO adorable! And they are totally long enough to scoop up and away if you need to.

    But — a SIDE VIEW is neeeeeeeded! To see all the great colors with the bangs!

  4. Crazy colored hair [although horribly unkempt]: CHECK
    Black nail polish [with added glitter bonus]: CHECK
    Bangs [that I need to get over the fear of trimming myself]: CHECK

    I am completely on board. ;D

    Oh–and I posted the space shirt photos!

  5. Ahhh I love the bangs!!

  6. omg i love it!! i’m with you too, i have all of those things other than the cool colored hair right now…. :(

  7. OHMYGOD I almost cut my own bangs last weekend. I actually cut them to nose length and then chickened out

  8. The bangs look soo cute! I should get you to trim mine…

  9. Your bangs are super adorable!

  10. your bangs look so cute!

  11. The bangs look great! You should count yourself lucky that you fall into the camp that can do bangs well. I had them briefly and they looked meh on me.

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