Going to Space, BRB

This weekend Taylor, Sym and I DIYed some space shirts!

Space Shirts

We started with plain black organic cotton t-shirts from American Apparel, in small (for Sym), medium (for me) and large (for Taylor). Sym probably would have been better with an extra small but they didn’t have any in the store but if you buy 3 of the same style you get 15% off. Gotta save that nine dollars!

Space Shirts

First we brushed and dripped bleach on them. (we put cardboard inside them to stop it from bleeding through to the backs). Mine is on the left, Taylor’s is in the center and obviously Sym’s is on the right. She used a very light touch with the bleach, I think she just didn’t want to smell it anymore. We let them bleach for a few minutes and then rinsed them out into the washing machine-we did this between each step. It spun them fairly dry so we didn’t have to worry about drying them every time.

Space Shirts

Next they went into a dye bath of wine red dye. Sym left for her dad’s right after so I rinsed and hung hers- she’ll finish it today or tomorrow. Taylor and Sym’s went in plain but I tied a couple elastics around mine.

Space Shirts

After the dyeing we bleach them a second time- Taylor brushed his again while I went with a straight drip-and-splatter approach.

Space Shirts

For the next step I mixed up four batches of dye- scarlet, wine red, royal blue and a purple I cobbled together from the wine red and blue. Again I dripped and Taylor brushed. Afterwards I also added some black to mine to darken up some areas.

Space Shirts
Space Shirts

After the final rinse we left them to dry overnight and then this morning it was time to add some stars! You can just use acrylic paint for this, but I happened to have some white fabric paint (I bought it years ago for project I never did). To do the star s you just dot the paint on in a random pattern- I also did a couple of lens-flarey ones. To set the fabric paint you can iron it on the reverse, or just toss it into the dryer for 20 minutes or so.

Space Shirts

And the finished product! I wore it out today and felt pretty awesome about it. I wasn’t the only one who thought so, as a local street style fashion blogger asked to take our picture.

Space Shirts
Space Shirts

44 responses to “Going to Space, BRB

  1. Tanie, this is just too damn awesome!! Totally worth a fashion blog or two. If I don’t do this this Summer, my life will be a waste.

    (btw, that scarf looks so familar…lol).

  2. Ahh–that turned out SO GREAT! I want to try this–mine’s going to turn into a giant blob, just wait. hahah ;p

  3. oh man, i think i am totally going to do this to a tank top for me and the kiddo!!! this is so cool and creative. A+ A+

  4. Since basically all I wear is black jersey, I want to do this to my entire wardrobe


    love it.

  5. these turned out awesome! i want to do a tank top one.

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  7. These shirts are awesome! I love it. I’d definitely pay for a shirt like that.

  8. Tanie, did you just use RIT dye for this?

  9. lol @ the raw look of artists? what?

  10. sweet that would probably work!

  11. you rule, you stylish artist

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  14. Whoa, that turned out so cool! I want to try it now! If I have time over summer, I’ll definitely have to try it out! :D

  15. mine turned out a little iffy but next try will be better!

  16. What did you use for bleach? I can’t really seem to find something that bleaches clothing :P

    • I just used regular Clorox bleach! Make sure your bleach isn’t colorsafe or colorfast, and the clothes you are trying to bleach have to be 100% cotton- synthetic fibers won’t work well. And remember that black clothes don’t bleach to white, usually they bleach to red/orange. You could try using navy blue clothing instead of black, it bleaches out to light blue or pink!

      • Wow, thank you so much! I will def. see if that’s available her ein Denmark or online :) Can’t wait to try this out, i’ll make bags of that kind of fabric! ;)

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  18. Mind = BLOWN. This is phenomenal.

  19. Did you wet them 1st before the bleach?

    • I think they were damp, because you have to wash them beforehand and also between each bleach/dye. I’m sure it would still work if you started with a dry shirt, as long as it had been washed at some point!

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  21. What a neat idea! I’m definately going to have to try this. Thanks for sharing:)

  22. I’m in the process of doing this to a black skirt I ironed too hot and ruined. It’s taken me a bit of trial and error – I bleached it and then dyed it, but the dye was too dark and blah blah. I was just debating painting with fabric paint vs dye, but this looks great, I’ll try your method! Thanks for writing it up.

  23. Dianne Unterbrink

    This project literally took my breath away. Was just watching a show last night on some cable channel about space – deep space, and was in awe at how gorgeous it is out there. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing this unique idea with everyone, and for free even!! You deserve some angel wings and I think I see the start of a halo coming up from behind your left ear! Just amazing!!

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  25. Crafting Crusader

    Hey there! I just re-blogged your tutorial on my geeky crafting blog, Crafting Crusader. Fantastic job!


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