The past week or so has been a TOTAL BUST with regards to my whole making-better-food-choices plan. I ate too much junk food, too much take out, and not enough actual meals. I felt gross and bloated and lethargic, so yesterday I took DRASTIC ACTION and had broccoli for lunch. I put a teensy big of butter on it and sprinkled it with pink salt and it was delicious!

Broccoli with Pink Salt

Today Sym is off school so I made us sandwiches with ham, havarti, pea shoots (I frigging love these things!!) and baconnaise. They were so yummy that Sym didn’t even realize there was cheese in hers (she normally refuses to eat cheese in non-melted forms because she says it’s too hard. Like, idek, she’s crazy).

Sandwich with Ham, Cheese, Pea Shoots & Baconnaise

I also remembered to actually take my vitamins today, and got Sym and Taylor to take theirs as well! Now if I could only find the time to go to the gym…


5 responses to “Lunchtimes

  1. Teensy BIG of butter. ;D

    and what is pink salt!? I’m amazed O__O

  2. Pink salt is the best thing since sliced bread, it makes food look so much better. I just brought some and I’m in love hahaha.
    Also is baconisse good?

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