Symmie Crafts: Bunting

A made some bunting for Sym’s room a couple of weeks ago, but she’d been asking me if she could make her own so last night I helped her do just that.

She wanted to use rainbow colours, but we inexplicably have NO PURPLE PAPER. I know, it’s insane. Instead she chose four bright colours: orange, green, blue and yellow (the green and blue are prettier irl, it was late and the lighting in here isn’t the best at night).

Symmie Bunting

I cut the triangles for her and fray-stopped a length of white satin ribbon, and she got to work with the tape.

Symmie Bunting
Symmie Bunting

The finished product! (Yes, the glasses are back.)

Symmie Bunting

We hung it up on her door, under the “No Boys Aloud” sign

Symmie Bunting
Symmie Bunting

Puppies are still “aloud” though!

Pom vs. Human

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