Portraits with Pets

Georgie and I
Dougal and I
Claire and I

lol these fuzzy dolts, why can’t they just make a normal face?


8 responses to “Portraits with Pets

  1. Lol @ Dougal.

  2. omg Claire looks terrified hahahaXD And Dougal is just priceless

  3. Aww, I always imagined Dougal as being much bigger than he seems here! Maybe it’s because of the other dogs that I don’t have a very good frame of reference.

  4. Hahahaha Dougal! He kind of looks like he has a pig’s snout here (nothin’ wrong with that!)

    Haha, he is just the coolest dog!

  5. where’s Kichou?

    and Dougal looks awesomely ridiculous

  6. LOL oh dougal

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