What I’ve Been Eating

Tonight for dinner I made my first-ever stew. I decided on this recipe since I already had all the ingredients on hand (minus the parsley, but really, who cares about a little bit of dried parsley? NO ONE). I sort-of halved it and made a couple of changes- before browning the beef I dredged it in a mix of flour and garlic powder, and I added some orange bell pepper and bacon (everything is better with bacon!).

Beef for Stew

the beef getting all nice and brown

Veggies for Stew

potatoes and onions and carrots and celery (bell pepper not pictured)

Stew Cooking

ready to eat TWO HOURS before dinner time, oops

Stew for Eating

super delicious; a successful first attempt!


3 responses to “What I’ve Been Eating

  1. Number 1: YUM

    Number 2: I just saw your twitter about the guy who looks like Zachary Quinto, and I practically guarantee I know him! I used to work with him at a data entry place this summer. I bet it’s the same guy. IT’S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL.

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