Where I’ve Been Eating

Three Dining Areas

I’m not going to apologize for the mess visible in this picture.

Last year I made this simple half-table for my family to eat at- with the child care Mammut in the actual dining area we didn’t have room for a REAL table, so this is what I came up with. It isn’t perfect, but it worked. I’m pretty much over it though, and I want to take it down, put my beloved Aurora ghost chairs into storage until the day I have a REAL dining room, and use the kitchen Island as an eating area in the meantime.

Eating at the kitchen island means getting some stools, and you’d be surprised how difficult it’s been to find some that meet all our requirements: Taylor wants something with a back & a footrest, and I want something that isn’t ugly. After searching the internet I finally found these “Delta” counter stools on the Crate & Barrel website.


Unfortunately, there are no Crate & Barrel stores in my part of Canada, and I’m loathe to pay whatever the INSANE shipping would be for these. So now I’m searching for something similar here, although Taylor suggested celebrating my birthday with a trip to Seattle (where I could buy these in the sore), but I’m not sure that would be fiscally responsible.


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