Action Symmie!

Dancing Symmie

Kicking butt at Dance Central on Friday night. Her friend Ali was here as well and they had so much fun! I also had fun, too much in fact, and my legs and bottom were super sore all weekend.

Swimming Lessons

At her swimming lesson on Sunday. Normally her dad takes her, but he had a fight on Saturday night so it was up to me. He put her in group lessons, but no one else signed up for this class so she gets private lessons for the price of group! Total score! There were two other classes going on at the same time, with four and five kids in them, and a couple of times the parents almost talked to me, then saw me watching Sym in her “private” lesson. Then they’d give me dirty looks and move away! WOW.


2 responses to “Action Symmie!

  1. Nice layout!

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