Rainbow Kitchen Update

New Purple Plates/Bowls

When we were at Ikea last weekend, Taylor and I picked up some dark purple Fagrik bowls which, with the red Waechtersbach mugs we bought in November, finished my sweet ~rainbow of dishes~

For some reason I thought it’d be a good idea to take this picture at night when it’s all dark in here, and now a bunch of dishes are dirty and I don’t feel like washing them to take a new, daytime picture. Deal with it.


HOORAY. I also have more rainbow steak knives– they were one of many awesome Christmas gifts from Taylor’s sister Jaime and her boyfriend Shawn.

More Rainbow Knives

Pro tip: If you want to give people lots of ideas for what to buy you, start a blog in which you just talk about the weird stuff you’re obsessed with.


10 responses to “Rainbow Kitchen Update


  2. Thank you for revealing to me that my only desire in life is to have a rainbow kitchen. That is too cool.

    • lol you’re welcome, haha. It took me over a year to collect everything, but I’m glad I waited to find things I really liked.

  3. Whoa! I am in love with those knives and well..everything in your kitchen! What an awesome idea for a colour palette!

    • Thanks! I had white dishes before, and I wanted something different when I replaced them. I couldn’t decide on a colour, so I chose EVERY colour :)

      • 1) We have the same bowls!

        2) You need to tell your wonderful gift giver that the internets demands to know where they got those sweet sweet knives

        3) I actually started copying the rainbow idea about 6 months ago. YER MY INSPIRATION

      • She got the knives at Homesense, and I got my other ones at Winners.

  4. Mmm. This is so freaking lovely. I want.

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