The Worst Yet

Since Christmas is over I thought I’d give my blog a quick layout refresh, featuring what I think might just be my worst header ever. If you’re too lazy to go view this post at the actual page, here’s a peek:

CHARMING. You really should check it out though, it’s has the traditional animated rainbow text. I do want to give credit for the unicorn cupcake picture I used in the creation of this monstrosity though.


I first saw it on tumblr with no source, but with some quick internet research I traced it back to Zanda Panda. If someone wants to buy me their unicorn mold I wouldn’t be mad- remember, I DO have a birthday coming up!


15 responses to “The Worst Yet

  1. I like the new header! Careful though if you didn’t already contact the owner, the image is copyrighted (listed as “All Rights Reserved” on Flickr).


  3. it’s…so…beautiful *O*

  4. Hey I was in Front yesterday and they had a white unicorn vase. You must go purchase it immediately

  5. LOVE IT SO MUCH !!!!!

  6. I love it!

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