The Last Project of 2010

You might remember (or not) that way back in the summer I spraypainted my patio furniture and bought a huge rainbow golf umbrella to make into a patio umbrella for my mini-patio. I cut the handle of the umbrella off with my Dremel (which was really nerve-wracking and I’m still surprised I didn’t like, sever my femoral artery or something) but I was never able to figure out a way to turn it into patio umbrella with a stand.


While we were in Kelowna we visited Taylor’s sister Jaime, and he had mentioned that we needed some speaker stands for the living room now that we’ve rearranged the furniture. As it turned out Jaime has some old speaker stands she’d been given by their mom, but she didn’t need them so she gave them to us.

Speaker Stand to Patio Umbrella

Unfortunately, they won’t work with our speakers, so Taylor left them outside on the patio. I happened to look at them when we came back from our dog walk and INSPIRATION!

Speaker Stand to Patio Umbrella

I took the bracket off the top of the stand- the screw was loose so I didn’t even have to dig out my screwdriver. In a burst of cleansing synchronicity the speaker stand is EXACTLY the right size to fit inside the umbrella!

Speaker Stand to Patio Umbrella

It’s not quite done yet- the umbrella slides down so far onto the stand that it’s hard to work the little thingermer that you depress to raise & lower the umbrella, but I think if add some sort of washer array to make the umbrella sit higher I can make it work.

Speaker Stand to Patio Umbrella

Still, I think this turned out pretty perfectly amazing! Now I just need it to not be the middle of winter anymore, haha.

Speaker Stand to Patio Umbrella

3 responses to “The Last Project of 2010

  1. Very inventive!!!! :)

  2. This is awesome! Great job!

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