Blast from the Past

Raccoon Summer Party

I was looking through Taylor’s flickr for raccoon pictures yesterday and rediscovered these shots from summer 2009. There was a heat wave and this mama raccoon came out with her three babies- I guess it was too hot in their den? idk, but the babies were scampering around on my neighbor’s garage roof and the mama was just flaked out on the fence.

Raccoon Summer Party

Poor mama! Now, look at the little guy on the roof:

Raccoon Summer Party

Remind you of anyone? Like perhaps… FAT STUPID MARVIN???

Fat Stupid Marvin

6 responses to “Blast from the Past


  2. LOL this is so cute, I love Canadia, they have friendly raccoons

  3. Oh my. You can tell it’s him by the way he UNABASHEDLY STARES AT THE CAMERA. With cute.

    • Last night I was walking Georgie and the other two ran in front of me and climbed up a tree but Marvin just sat by the sidewalk and STARED, haha. He is so dumb.

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