Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishlist

1. Love Me Tender Cookie Cutters, and 2. Matryoshka Measuring Spoon Set, both available at Urban Outfitters; 3. Fox & Forest earrings, from Joanna Rutter; 4. Disaster Life Trading Cards, from The Disaster Life; 5. Neverending Circle Scarf in Cloudy Day, from Ylaine; 6. Reproduction “Victoria” Chair, from Wire Home Furnishing; 7. Custom Specimen Ring (similar to those pictured), size six, from Specimental Design

Just putting this here. In case someone sees it. Who knows, it worked for my Kindle!


6 responses to “Christmas Wishes

  1. I am LOVING those rings!

  2. I have the Matryoshka measuring spoons! And the measuring cups. Super cute! Classy choice, navigator.

  3. Hey, I know that scarf! I hope you get it. I haven’t shipped anything to Canada in a bit and I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do. Heck, I’m wearing the gray one now.

    And, I’m totally adding those rings to my Christmas/graduation/PleasePleasePlease list. Big, scraggly looking jewelry is becoming my thing.

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