Georgie’s First Snow

Georgie in the Snow

This morning we woke up to the first snow, although being Vancouver it was a pretty pathetic amount, and it’s sunny out now, so I predict it’ll all be melted by this afternoon. We took Georgie and Kichou out for a walk and they were pretty excited. Georgie had never seen snow before and Kichou, well. HE LOVES IT.

The Windup
The Pitch

4 responses to “Georgie’s First Snow

  1. LOL Georgie looks so unimpressed!

  2. Oh my gosh! The pictures of Kichou and how happy he is. Georgie looks very cute, as always! :)

  3. Sooo cute! I remember the pom we had when I was a kid LOVED snow. We had a huge backyard and he would just run around in circles and make doggie snow angels and would come inside covered in snow dingleberries after the first snow. As winter progressed, however, he became less and less impressed with it, lol.

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