Dogs and their Hair

After having Thursday off I woke up bright and early on Friday morning to walk to dogs and clean the house. I started with vacuuming the foyer, and that was when I killed my vacuum. As it turned out there was a clog of dog hair and tennis ball parts in the hose and it fried the motor. BOO. With all the kids and pets I can’t live without vacuuming this place practically every day so after work we went out to get a new one (I looked into getting the old one repaired but there really aren’t any vacuum repair places downtown), a Dyson ANIMAL vacuum. It’s so amazing! The last time I vacuumed was Wednesday morning and (warning this is gross) this is what I got on the first use:

Gross Vacuum

VOMIT CITY! And that isn’t even from vacuuming the whole house- just the carpeted part of the living room. I was trying to take a picture to illustrate the area that produced all that filth but of course the second I vacuumed up all the pet hair the pets had to get all up in it.

Clean Living Room w/Silly Dogs

Idiots. I know it looks like Dougal is murdering Georgie but in reality playing with him is her favorite thing.

Silly Dogs
Silly Dogs
Silly Dogs
Silly Dogs
Silly Dogs
Silly Dogs
Silly Dogs
Silly Dogs
Silly Dogs
Silly Dogs

She laid there flailing all her paws at him while he just stood and watched for a really long time.

Anyway. We did do other stuff this weekend besides dogs- On Saturday I picked up my new boots, yay! and we bought a ton of candy. Here’s my selection of sour fruits and soda bottles.

Sour Candy Haul

Later on Sym’s dad came over to pick her up, not just for their regular Saturday Sleepover but because they left this morning for a week in Playa del Carmen (although thankfully not at the hotel that EXPLODED this morning). He had this giant obnoxious backpack on and he knocked a bunch of stuff off my windowsill, including my phone. It busted into a million pieces and although I’m skilled at reassembling it, the screen was dead. Boo. Luckily I have an old one; the screen that broke was actually swapped in from another one because the original screen cracked. I had to put the cracked screen back in until the one I ordered online arrives, so now I’m stuck looking at this:

Murdered Phone

In real life all those streaks are red, making it look like a murder victim phone. Plus I can’t tell how much battery power I have left.

Also, you may have noticed in the picture of the living room that the birthday decorations we still up on Friday. That’s because Taylor still hadn’t cleaned the bedroom, but after nearly garotting himself on a streamer he finally held up his end of the bargain today. I was taking the crêpe paper down this afternoon when I found this intrepid fellow.

Intrepid Ladybug

I didn’t want to squish him into the garbage, so I tore that section of streamer out and went to go put it outside. When I opened the door a draft blew him back into the house, so I guess he’s still in here somewhere. Lucky bug, I wouldn’t want to be out there in the cold either!


One response to “Dogs and their Hair

  1. My boss stayed at that resort about a month ago. He was looking at pictures online all morning. He was pretty freaked out.
    I hope you have fun this week.

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