A Day Without a Puppy

Georgie is at the vet today having her ovariohysterectomy and I don’t get to pick her up until TOMORROW*. A whole day with no puppy? Unacceptable! Here are some pictures of her from yesterday, engaging in a few of her favorite activities: hanging out with her bff Dougal, trying to kiss him on the mouth and then chewing on some paper.

Kiss Your Mouth
Kiss Your Mouth
Kiss Your Mouth
Kiss Your Mouth
Paper Eater

*Unless she cries and cries and cries and spazzes out because she misses me too much, which I kind of think she might. In that case I’d pick her up tonight.


3 responses to “A Day Without a Puppy

  1. In the second to last picture, the gray hoodie and the way her hair is falling, she looks like K.Stew as Joan Jett.

    • hahahahahaha o loard. She’s probs a better actor than K.Stew.

      How are you doing? I hope you guys are okay and not so sad anymore.

  2. Is Georgie her normal frisky self yet? Hope she is okay.

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