Autumn’s Best Breakfast

I haven’t made any posts recently about cooking, mainly because I haven’t been cooking. I’m in a massive food slump and the idea of planning meals and buying groceries and preparing dinner is like, TOO MUCH. Basically the only thing I’ve been making regularly is oatmeal, which is OF COURSE the perfect thing to eat on these cold autumn mornings.

Raisin & Honey Oatmeal

I go through big oatmeal phases, as in: I eat it all the time for a couple of months and then don’t have any for five years, and I guess right now is one of those eat-it-all-the-time times. I bought steel-cut oats instead of rolled and I like them way better. Usually I just do the classic: with raisins and brown sugar, or, if I have any, honey. I have made a peaches-and-should-be-cream-but-he-likes-his-oatmeal-with-no-liquid for Taylor, and an apple cinnamon attempt (wasn’t cinnamony enough). Today I used some frozen blackberries I had left over from Taylor’s and my apple-blackberry pie and a nice glob of clover-alfalfa honey from the Vlad’s Apiary stand at the West End farmer’s market. Not only is it delicious but the berries turned the milk and oats purplish-pink so it’s like a visual treat as well.

Blackberry & Honey Oatmeal

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