What I’ve Been Eating

Holy smokes did I make a delicious dinner last night! Even Symphony, who is as picky an eater as I am, tried everything, which is amazing. I think I was able to strike a balance between food kids like AND food adults like.

Miscellaneous Dinner

clockwise from top left:
rice (brown & white mixed half & half with a little bit of lime salt for deliciousness and nutritionability)
fresh cut green & purple salsa (green zebra tomatoes, purple pepper, red onion, cilantro, jalapeño, lime juice, salt & pepper)
grilled corn (I did it on a George Foreman grill, which took FOREVER but it was so good it was worth it)
spicy chili lime chicken (lime juice & chili pepper flakes- they come in a little shaker with the pizza we always order and we never use them)
mini cucumber stars (Sym helped with these. She also tested everything to make sure it wasn’t poisonous)

Taylor kind of made a weird food-pouch with his tortilla, Sym had me help her make a wrap (which we ended up having to take the chicken out of because it was too spicy for her) and I just tore my food apart like a wild animal because I was STARVING and everything was delicious! There are some leftovers and I’m excited to have them for lunch today!

After dinner Symphony had the SUPER GENIUS idea of making s’mores. Now, I know there are some s’mores purists out there who think that if you don’t make them over a campfire they don’t taste good, but those people are basically crazy. These couldn’t have been yummier.

Oven S'mores

Stack a graham cracker + chocolate + mini marshmallows, put under broiler for a minute- you have to watch them to make sure they don’t get too scorched. The chocolate looks solid but guess what?

Oven S'mores

IT ISN’T. After you take them out squish a second graham cracker over them and you have perfection!

Oven S'mores
Oven S'mores

We all ended up smeared in chocolate and I may have sent Symphony to her grandparents’ house today with marshmallow in her hair. Oops. But WORTH IT.


One response to “What I’ve Been Eating

  1. That looks SOOO delicious right now!

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