The Finished Project



Old, beat-up, possibly bedbug infested desk I found in the alley.

New Desk

I took the drawer handles off and sanded the whole thing, then primed and painted with 2 shades of yellow paint by Benjamin Moore: Sundance and Banana Yellow. I varnished the top with some leftover Varathane I had from making the little mushroom table, although in retrospect that was kind of a mistake because the can had little flecks of rust in it that I had to pick off :/


Of course I also had to fill the screw holes from the old handles and drill new holes for the vintage crystal knobs I stumbled across at the Little Hardware Co by my house. The big drawer at the bottom right has a secret compartment for all my secret secrets and on each side there’s a little pull-out tray in case I need more desk space.

New Desk

Cost: the desk itself was free, and although I spent like, $130 on primer and paint and wood filler, I have enough of all those things left to refinish the dresser and maybe even the piano. WHO KNOWS. Anyway the most $$$ expense was the crystal knobs, at $7.50 each, but I think they are worth it, they look so much better than the old bulky drawer pulls.


8 responses to “The Finished Project

  1. awesome job, this looks really great! i’m so proud of you….

  2. It’s gorgeous!!! Great job and great colors..

  3. It looks great! did you find out if it ever really had bed bugs?

    • Well, when I vacuumed all the bug powder out I did find dead ants and spiders, so if there were bedbugs I’m pretty sure I toasted them, and it’s been inside for a few weeks now so if there was any live ones, I’d know!

  4. Wow, that desk looks amazing!

  5. It looks great! Such nice vibrant colors:D

  6. So good! I love the colors together

  7. It looks great. Love the colour and the crystal knobs were definitely worth it.

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