This week I went through my links on the right-hand side there and deleted a bunch of dead blogs and added some new ones. I also added handy-dandy buttons to get to Ask Pacey (ask for advice!) and the I started for Symphony (become a fan! hype her looks!). So like, look at my stuff and my friends stuff, and if you’d like to do a link exchange leave a comment :)

Taylor and the Dogs

For your trouble her is a picture of Taylor being attacked by wild Poms, and I swear this is my last post about nothing today!


9 responses to “Housekeeping

  1. I’m not sure whats wrong with me but that looks so relaxing…laying on the floor being hounded by dogs!

  2. Hey – I just noticed that you added my blog to your links list. Thanks so much! I always get a little giddy when people link to me (which is kind of lame, but still, whee!).

    • Well I LOVE your art so it was like, a link no-brainer :)

      • Aw! Thanks so much :) I’m glad you appreciate my silly creatures.

        I actually have a query for you – any suggestions of non-guide-book-esque things to do in Vancouver? I’m visiting the city in September and am always in the market for good eateries/places to visit that I wouldn’t otherwise know about! If you do have any gems, I’d be forever grateful!

        Luxy Bistro (pasta) & La Belle Patate (poutine) on Davie St
        The Templeton (hipstery diner food) on Granville
        JAPADOG (Japanese hot dogs) on Robson OR they have a couple food carts.

        Robson St is the main shopping street downtown but it’s basically chain stores. For more interesting shopping you should visit Gastown and Main St (Mount Pleasant & South Main, the downtown part of Main is like, crackhead central). If it’s nice you should tramp around Stanley Park/the Seawall, it’s pretty guide booky but it’s one of my favorite activities. You could also check out, they always have posts about cool events/activities/eateries in & around Vancouver.

      • Also you should check out Cupcakes for cupcakes, mmmmm so gooooood. They have a store on Thurlow @ Robson and on Denman.

  3. Thanks so much for the suggestions! Every single one of those restaurants sounds great, and knowing where the best shopping is might be terrible for my wallet, but it makes me happy nevertheless.

    And cupcakes! YES!

    Oh, and I’m visiting Stanley Pk for sure – I’ve got a concert to attend there :)

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