Movie Weekend Recap

Taylor and I went to the movies twice this weekend. On Saturday we saw Scott Pilgrim vs. the World with my friend Morgan. I thought it was good, I really like the graphic novels and I was apprehensive that Michael Cera would RUIN IT because basically:
a) Michael Cera plays one character in everything, and that character is Michael Cera.
b) his face is really weird. He did not grow up cute.
HOWEVER the movie was really cute and clever and fun and actually made me hate Michael Cera LESS.



On Friday I learned about another free outdoor movie that was happening in David Lam Park in Yaletown on Sunday night. It was a screening of Back to the Future so OBVIOUSLY I had to go. Symphony didn’t want to go so she stayed over an extra night at her dad’s (which worked well since she missed a night last Thursday when she went to Sasamat Lake with her friend Ali and didn’t get home until bedtime). Taylor and I invited our friends Rich and Jenn to come with, and after our learning experience t the Karate Kid we were much better prepared!

Tips for an outdoor movie night:
1. CHAIRS CHAIRS OMG BRING CHAIRS. Sitting on the ground for a picnic or event where you are getting up and doing stuff is fine, but for a two-hour movie it is NOT. I picked these sweet rainbow beach chairs at London Drugs for 50% off and there were a life/leg/butt/spine saver.
2. Think hard about your food choices. Stuff you can eat with your hands is good. Stuff that requires cutlery and a table-surface is not. Taylor and I brought poutine to The Karate Kid and it was almost impossible to eat because the containers were too hot and I spilled gravy on my blanket.
3. Bring a garbage bag and just take your trash with you instead of stumbling around in the dark looking for a bin.
4. A cooler is good, but you don’t need to CRAM it with ice since outdoor movies generally show at night. If it’s big enough to hold stuff like cups and a water bowl for the dogs (if you have dogs, and if you don’t have dogs, WHY NOT??) that’s a bonus. You don’t want to be shoving sticky, wet dishes in your purse at the end of the night.
5. Don’t bother sitting too close. If you sit further back you’ll have more room to set up camp and the audio sometimes has a weird echo at the front.
6. If you are planning on drinking (and I mean drinking anything, even water), be aware of bathroom situations. In some parks the facilities close at dusk so you might have to hold it all night.
7. Have fun!

Movie Night @ David Lam Park

Our sweet camp: rainbow chairs, my Birds of a Feather rug from UO, dogs (Georgie is behind Taylor), snacks, friends.

Movie in the Park
Movie in the Park
Movie in the Park

Some of our sweet snack spread. Rich and Jenn brought 3 kinds of Kettle Chips, crackers & brie, lemonade and cider. Taylor and I brought peach slices, strawberries, champagne grapes (they are tiny!), sparkling lemonade and pomegranate soda, and of course, mini donuts! These were cinnamon sugar donuts I made with the recipe that came with the donut maker. They’re good but the recipe made FORTY-TWO donuts omg.

Movie Night @ David Lam Park
Movie in the Park
Movie in the Park
Movie in the Park
Movie Night @ David Lam Park
Movie in the Park

Happily, this movie started earlier than The Karate Kid and since we got a ride home Taylor was able to stay for the whole thing instead of bailing before the exciting conclusion.

Movie in the Park

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  1. That’s what the zillion donuts were for! It is all an intricate tapestry

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