Popsicle Party

Popsicle Party Banner

You all probably thought I quit popsicles in favour of mini doughnuts. NOT SO, and last night after doughnuts but before dinner Sym and I made…

Super Strawberry Popsicles

What made these popsicles super strawberry? We used TWO POUNDS of strawberries to make them!

Super Strawberry Popsicles

step one: wash, hull & quarter

Super Strawberry Popsicles

step two: apply blender We used no extra liquid for these so to get the blending started I put in about half the berries and mashed them down with a spoon. Once they were blended I added the rest.

Super Strawberry Popsicles

step three: strain out any big chunks using a colander & bowl

Super Strawberry Popsicles

step four: using cheesecloth, strain out as many seeds as possible I probably could have gotten even more seeds out if I’d done this a second time but I was feeling impatient and it was almost 7pm by this point.

Super Strawberry Popsicles

step five: make popsicles! After being strained twice, we had enough (very thick) juice for eight big popsicles, six small popsicles and for Sym to have a mini-glass to drink.

Super Strawberry Popsicles

step six: enjoy! These popsicles weren’t overly sweet because I didn’t add any sugar/sweetener or other juice; just pure strawberry goodness.

Super Strawberry Popsicles

Sym’s verdict: “Strawbalicious!”


4 responses to “Popsicle Party

  1. I LOVE strawberry flavor in things like popsicles and smoothies but I HATE strawberry seeds in those things (they’re not supposed to be there!!!!!!!) so I approve your decision to strain them out. they look delicious.

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