Mini Doughnut Party

Today I was finally able to test out my mini doughnut maker! I needed a pastry bag to pipe the batter but I picked one up earlier today. The doughnut maker came with a recipe for cinnamon sugar doughnuts but I didn’t feel like mixing up flour and eggs and what have you so I decided to use cake mix instead.

Chocolate Glazed Mini Doughnuts

I had half a box of chocolate fudge mix left over from last time I made mini cupcakes so I took about half of that (so a quarter of the whole box) and mixed it with some Dr Pepper. I didn’t bother measuring- I know what cake batter should look like so I just added a little at a time until it was the right consistency.

Chocolate Glazed Mini Doughnuts

Once I had it right, with Sym’s help I poured it into the pastry bag and I was ready to doughnut! I unfortunately wasn’t really able to take pictures of this part of the process because I only have two hands and you need to move pretty quickly since it only takes 4 minutes for each batch to cook. It’s a fairly simple process- just remember to spray with Pam (or other non-stick cooking spray) between each batch and don’t overfill the doughnut reservoirs! With my quarter-batch of batter I was able to make 20 itty-bitty chocolate doughnuts.

Chocolate Glazed Mini Doughnuts
Chocolate Glazed Mini Doughnuts

Now, they probably would have been fine plain, but I’m a dummy and decided to try glazing them. This didn’t really turn out for two reasons:
1. baked cake doughnuts like these don’t have the fried skin of proper doughnuts and are therefore too absorbent
2. unlike cake batter, I DON’T know what glaze should look like and it ended up far to liquid-y and exacerbated the absorbing problem

Chocolate Glazed Mini Doughnuts

Doughnut glaze is simple- milk, icing sugar and a smidge of vanilla. I had the ingredients right, it’s just the proportions I messed up.

Chocolate Glazed Mini Doughnuts

They kind of look spooged over, haha. Gross. So yeah, obviously my glaze was way too watery (or milky, I guess) but I learned some valuable lessons about glazed chocolate doughnut making. Next time I’ll use much less milk to get a thicker glaze, and I’ll use a denser batter, like brownie batter or something.

Chocolate Glazed Mini Doughnuts

I let them sit for a while on parchment paper to dry out a little and then it was testing time!

Chocolate Glazed Mini Doughnuts

My official kitchen tester.

Chocolate Glazed Mini Doughnuts

“Moist…” (lol maybe because they were soaked in sugar milk)

Chocolate Glazed Mini Doughnuts


Chocolate Glazed Mini Doughnuts

“You can’t really see the glaze and…”

Chocolate Glazed Mini Doughnuts

“They need more monkeys!”

More monkeys indeed. I tried one too and they were in fact moist & yummy. All in all I’m pretty stoked with my mini doughnut maker purchase and have lots of ideas for new and exciting mini doughnuts to come!

2 responses to “Mini Doughnut Party

  1. they look delicious! this post made me want my own mini doughnut maker!!

  2. Yum mini doughnuts!

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