A Moment of Silence

My hamster died :/ Last night I noticed he was lying in a weird spot and breathing really heavily, but when I opened his house he hopped up and started hamming like normal, but I just checked him and he was all stiff and dead with his eyes and mouth open in the creepiest fashion possible. He was pretty old for a hamster, about 2 1/2, and I think he had a good life. He escaped from his house a bunch of times and survived falling off the shelf and a houseful of cats and dogs who were keen on eating him. One time he escaped and hid behind the cat’s litterbox, ie the only place in the house the cat WOULDN’T look for juicy ham morsels. So smart. He was never one of those cuddly hamsters who likes pets and can be carried in pockets, but he never bit anyone either.

hamster awesome



6 responses to “A Moment of Silence

  1. oh no! i’m sorry tanie :(

  2. RIP Tina Fey. You won’t be forgotten.

  3. I remember the posts when you got Tina Fey and his fabulous hampster palace….sorry you lost a furry pal.

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