Ask Pacey

You have questions. Everyone does. Unless you’re Pacey Witter. He may only a fictitious character from a 90’s television show but you’d be an idiot to think that his wisdom isn’t on par with the greatest thinkers of all time.
Did you lose your virginity to your 10th grade English teacher? Of course not. But you could have if you had asked Pacey.
Have you sailed a boat to the Caribbean? Become a stockbroker without any formal schooling? Stole your best friend’s love interest? Have a history of assault on authority figures? If you’ve answered ‘no’ to even one of these questions then you’re dangerously unqualified to make decisions for yourself. Let Pacey carry this burden for you.


2 responses to “Ask Pacey

  1. Oh my. That picture of Dawson at the end of the Ask Pacey page really cracked me up!

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