Georgie and the Elephant

Georgie & the Elephant

Georgie has this stuffed pink elephant. It came from the breeder’s house and smells like all her brothers and sisters and mom, so I haven’t washed it. It’s been a month now so the elephant is getting pretty gross, especially since it is Georgie’s favorite toy for one particular activity: humping.

Georgie & the Elephant

Georgie humping her elephant is basically the funniest thing in the world, like on Saturday night she was humpin’ around and I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. She can’t quite figure out how to do it. She bites to top of the elephant’s head and stands over it and then she kind of… spazzes out. Sometimes she humps it so hard she falls down, or even flips head over heels. I call this a “humpersault.” She’s also almost humped herself off the edge of the bed several times, going both forwards and backwards.

Georgie & the Elephant
Georgie & the Elephant

Humping like this is natural behavior for dogs, even female ones. It shows dominance over other dogs (or elephants, as the case may be). As long as is doesn’t get to the point where she starts humping everything I don’t see any reason to discourage it, and right now, Georgie and the elephant are monogamous

Georgie & the Elephant

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